WAV Sounds too large! Can i cut the size down?

  Mad Boy 20:14 10 May 2003

ive being using Sound Forge 6.0 to record sounds im making through my microphone. However for a recoring the length of 8 seconds the file size is like 1.64MB! and as a game designer they need to be reletaivley small, is there a way i can chop that size down to around something like 50KB or at least 100Kb?

Many Thanks

  crx1600 20:18 10 May 2003

do you need the file to remain a WAV. ifnot consider importing to 'windows movie maker' and export as WMA maybe a tenth of the size.

  powerless 20:21 10 May 2003

There will be a program out there, free if your lucky that will do this.

I use Nero's File Encoding feature to do what you want.

  Patr100 20:22 10 May 2003

or maybe mp3

  Mad Boy 20:24 10 May 2003

preferably keep it as WAV, if possible.

Actually would converting to MP3 then back to WAV reduce its size?

Thanks people

  leo49 20:27 10 May 2003

Try the resample tool in Soundforge[look it up in the help file].


  Mad Boy 20:29 10 May 2003

I didnt know Nero had a converter like so, ill try that out thanks

  Mad Boy 20:30 10 May 2003

ok thanks leo, the Nero thing only chopped about 200Kb off

  leo49 20:34 10 May 2003

I've just started learning the program myself - the bit-depth converter[accessed via the process tab]also MAY be relevant.

Good luck

  Mad Boy 20:35 10 May 2003

well thats better Leo, its now only 766Kb, however it may be slightly too big still.

Hey ill put your names in my game credits when complete, for those who may have played there sons Final Fantasy games or when you were younger played this kind of games im making one similiar.

Thanks again

  Mad Boy 20:37 10 May 2003

keep going Leo, its now 716Kb

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