.wav to MP3

  Allan-263226 17:27 06 Oct 2003

Hello as the title suggest, I would like to know how I do this.

I use Windows Media or Nero to change from MP3 to wav but I want to put a lot of my music onto my hard drive.

What program do I need?

Nero does allow you to convert wav. to MP3, but because of licensing reasons you can only encode 30 tracks. Ahead do sell a plug in allowing you to fully use the MP3 encoder.

  Terrahawk 17:53 06 Oct 2003

cdex free and simple to use will convert cd tracks to mp3 or wav /convert wav to mp3/ convert mp3 to wav click here

Just remenbered, I use EO Video for converting RM to MPEG, and it also handles audio files on its own. I haven't tried it, but it does look as though you can compress to MP3. EO Video is a thirty day trail version after which you ghave to register.
[url="click here"HERE[/url]

  TommyRed 18:46 06 Oct 2003

This is the one I use dBpowerAMP and it's free click here HTH TR

  Allan-263226 10:35 07 Oct 2003

Cheers guys, went with the nero plugin

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