Watermarked background pictures for folders..?

  BeForU 01:12 02 Oct 2004

Hello. I'm just wondering is there a way to customise your folders by replacing the boring white background with a watermarked picure. I can't remember how you do it, thats if you actually can. But I seem to recall back in Windows 98 you can do it, though I may be heavily mistaken. Currently using Windows XP Pro. Reason I want to do this is cause I have alot of MP3 folders and would just like to play about with them since I'm bored and feel like jazzing them up a bit. So is there anyway possible to do this since I can't find anything using the 'Customise Folder' option, unless I'm very blind. I don't really want to use any thrid party programs unless I don't have a choice if the O/S can;t do it. Thanks.

  Mandy265 04:42 02 Oct 2004

properties-advanced-you go boy

  BeForU 03:02 03 Oct 2004

Erm....there is nothing much in the Advanced part other than Archive & Index or Compress & Encrypt options.

Or am I seriously missing something. Just to note as well I am using SP2.

Have I done something in the registry etc to remove the option to customise my folders for watermark backgrounds, that is if it was able to do it in the first place.

  Androcles 04:18 03 Oct 2004

In XP home,right click on the folder,left click properties,click customise and go on from there,Regards.

  carper 13:11 03 Oct 2004

Hi. I also had a lot of trouble at first doing it but then found out that your watermark background picture must be in Bitmap not Jpeg.

Hope this is helpful

  BeForU 22:23 03 Oct 2004

Androcles - All I get when I go there is the option to use a picture to replace the Folder icon when it is in Thumbnail view.

carper - Yeah I have some BMP's that I would like to use, although only problem is I don't know how to do it lol.

Thanks for both your suggestions anyways. Anybody else know of an answer?

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