water spilt on laptop, advice appreciated

  flick 16:53 10 May 2003

About half a glass of water was spilt on my son's Dell laptop. He has followed the advice given in the handbook i.e. remove battery, cd drive, hard drive and memory module and is waiting the suggested 24 hrs for it all to dry out.

Has anyone got any other advice? If the laptop doesn't work when he puts it back together would it be best to send it to Dell for repair or try to find a local repair shop?

It's 6 months old and has a 1 yr collect and return warranty, although this would obviously not apply in this instance.

  jazzypop 16:59 10 May 2003

I find a hairdryer helpful in these circumstances, just to make sure all water is evaporated.

If you have accidental damage cover on your household insurance, consider using that if there is any residual damage after drying it out.

  barrie_g 17:01 10 May 2003

Try Your house contents insurance they often cover accidental damage, apart from that I would say that your doing about all that you can, its just a case of sit and wait I'm afraid.

  flick 17:05 10 May 2003

Thanks jazzypop.

Can you give me an idea of what sort of damage we might be looking at. How good are his chances of the laptop being ok ?

  jazzypop 17:16 10 May 2003

At a guess, he has a better than 50/50 chance of it being OK.

Dell laptops are pretty rugged. An important factor will be whether the water contacted live electronics, causing a short-circuit.

If the power was shut down before the water penetrated to anywhere vulnerable (if indeed it did at all), all should be well, assuming that the water has evaporated before power is re-applied.

  graham√ 17:21 10 May 2003

If it doesn't work after 24 hrs, get Dell to collect it, don't mention water. If they subsequently bring up the subject, deny all knowledge. ;-)

  flick 17:22 10 May 2003

Thanks for the advice, fingers crossed. I'll let you know how it goes.

  flick 10:39 12 May 2003

After 24 hrs I put it all back together and sadly, it's as dead as a dodo. A very patient Indian woman at Dell took me through removing a few more bits and pieces before concluding that it probably needs a new motherboard.
I'm now waiting for a cost estimate and collection tomorrow.
My conscience wouldn't allow me to not mention the water but I will check to see if we're covered under house insurance.
Many thanks for all the advice.

  Andsome 11:09 12 May 2003

Maybe I'm wrong, but I would have thought it better to have advised your insurance company BEFORE going ahead with repairs. They can get quite awkward otherwise.

  Goldcroft 11:23 12 May 2003

Well done Flick for rejecting graham√'s ploy.

  HighTower 11:43 12 May 2003

Same thing happened yesterday with an old 486 laptop I still (for some unknown reason) run, it starts up but must have a keyboard problem as key presses are continously occuring over and over again without me touching a thing. Anyone had this before, and will it get better?

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