Water spilled on top of PC, resulting in complete PC failure!

  Henry_Atk 20:32 03 Jul 2013

Basically a pet knocked over a glass of water, which then poured off of my desk and directly on top of my PC. I didn't notice this had occurred for 5 or 10 minutes, at which point my screen froze. I took out the power supply, GPU and motherboard and rubbed them down. They didn't seem to be particularly wet although this may have been because they had already dried off whilst i had still had the computer running and apparently the damage had already been done anyway. Now, when i plug the PC in there is an electrical, static sounding noise coming from the motherboard. Pressing the power button does nothing. Its completely dead apart from the noise, which seems to dissipate after a few minutes. I'm assuming i'll be needing a new power supply considering even the psu fan is doing nothing when plug the PC in. I've also attempted to locate the source of the buzzing noise but its easier said than done. All of the transistors appear to be fine, i.e no swelling or burn marks to be found. So, what kind of damage do you guys think has been done and what do you think my chances are when it comes to the motherboard?

  wee eddie 21:24 03 Jul 2013

It's dead. Water is a killer. If it gets between two electrical contacts they will have shorted out.

Examine your Household Insurance Policy or prepare to damage the Plastic

  woodchip 21:38 03 Jul 2013

Taking out and rubbing can also kill electronics. by static Electric you generate rubbing

  bumpkin 21:49 03 Jul 2013

Before giving up all hope try disconnecting the PSU from everything apart from the mains which I assume is still live. See if the noise is coming from that and whether the fan now runs, if it does check the output voltages with a meter. If OK dry everything with a hair dryer and reconnect to motherboard. I don't rate your chances here but won't cost anything.

  wee eddie 22:17 03 Jul 2013

I think that bumpkin is an optimist, but you never know, all may not be lost.

However, you may get lucky if the contacts on the Hard Drive didn't get wet.

That can be made into an External Hard Drive, fairly simply. All you files can then be transferred to the New PC and, after Formatting, the old Hard Drive can be used as a Back-up Drive

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