Water Damage Laptop,fixed but Lagging

  Sam.324 04:44 13 Jul 2013

So a cup of water went over my hp Envy (the slim version) a few months ago, I followed the usal steps when something like that happens. I got lucky with the damage caused,keyboard still worked, only needed a new hard-drive (luckily had everything backed up) but there are still some issues, the computer is lagging at times and cannot run with multiple programs running at the same time. can take a while for programs to start up such as chrome. I need to be able to use solidworks and auto-cad for college. Has anyone got any suggestions. I'm not sure if its hardware problem or Software problem from re-installing windows. If anyone has any suggestions that could help me. Thanks

  woodchip 08:48 13 Jul 2013

If its a Multi processor, some of the cores may be damaged

  spuds 10:57 13 Jul 2013

When you fitted the new hard-drive, did you use the same brand hard-drive as a replacement, and how did you download the 'back-up'?.

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