Watching TV on a PC?

  Lord Isleworth 12:40 09 Mar 2006

A friend at work has no tv, but recently bought a nice new dell machine with large monitor and an in built tv card. This is a v basic question but what does she do now in order to watch tv? can someone talk me through?? does an ariel need to be plugged in? does she need a freeview box? etc etc
any help appreciated

  rmcqua 12:49 09 Mar 2006

She needs an aerial plugged into the card. Type of aerial and its location will depend on the signal strength in the area where she lives. Look at nearby locals and see what they use for their TV aerials. She may or may not need a freeview box in order to receive the free digital channels, but this depends on the model of the TV card. Do you know the manufacturer/model ? The analogue terrestrial channels will definitely be avaible with no further hardware apart rom the aerial.

  Batch 12:51 09 Mar 2006

The TV card will either be analogue or digital (freeview) or both.

An aerial will be needed.

Check click here for freeview coverage.

Aren't there instructions supplied - you could always ask Dell otherwise.

  BRYNIT 12:56 09 Mar 2006

Your friend will also have to follow the instructions to tune in the TV channels. They will need a TV license if they do not have one.

  pj123 13:00 09 Mar 2006

Also be aware that she will need a TV Licence as well. Dell will be obliged to inform the TV Licencing Agency of this purchase, the same as when buying a TV set. I think this would apply whether she uses the PC to watch TV or not. The TV Licencing Agency would argue that she has the capability of receiving TV broadcasts.

  Lord Isleworth 13:06 09 Mar 2006

thanks for the feedback - much appreciated

  Stuartli 13:21 09 Mar 2006

If she already has a TV licence then that is sufficient if the PC is being used in the same property.

Whether it's an analogue or Freeview TV card (or both, i.e. D+A), then the drivers and software may already be installed.

The software will provide configuration that will allow scanning of the Freeview channels, but may still have to be configured to use UK frequencies during the scan.

The back of the TV card should have a standard TV aerial socket - I use an twin output aerial amplifier to supply a feed for the TV and the other to enable a length of discreetly hidden coaxial cable to be run to the PC's TV card socket.

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