watching the internet

  matt1234 21:07 28 Jun 2004


my sis keeps downloading things and doing things she doesnt even know what to do with i was wondering is their an app i can get to watch what she does on the internet?

bearing in mind i its a old p2 machine will 128mb ram with xp!

p.s. i dont want to know passwords i just want to know what shes been doin on it and can it hide its self as much as possible e.g. do not come up with a massive startup screen at the begining!

  Gaz 25 21:36 28 Jun 2004

Failing that - get a keylogger.

But if you want to see everything - then you would need 2 pcs over a LAN.

  matt1234 21:39 28 Jun 2004

ok the computers are not on a network and i would like to see when she goes to bed whats she been upto on that machine!

  matt1234 21:41 28 Jun 2004

as its getting to the point where everynight im taking things off and setting back to normal

and the pcs are all standalone

  hugh-265156 21:45 28 Jun 2004

maybe sitting down with her for a while and giving her some pointers on the ins and outs of things about what is safe and what and the consequenses of her actions may help instead of going behind her back.

what age is your sis? if its just silly programs let her get on with it, if its dodgy stuff as above and install a good antivirus and spyware software and help her keep them up to date.

  matt1234 21:46 28 Jun 2004

ok that pc has one user and the problem is i need a enougher app to log everything that shes been doing step by step

  matt1234 21:50 28 Jun 2004

i have

and when i try talkin to her she will just either ignore or get really stresed

All i want to do is show my mum whats she doing and sort it out

  matt1234 22:21 28 Jun 2004

oh one thing could it please be FREE

  Forum Editor 22:30 28 Jun 2004

but this doesn't sound like a very happy set of circumstances. You don't say how old your sister is, but do you think that its a good thing to be spying on her in this way? Isn't this something that your parents should be taking care of?

I'm very much against advising anyone - particularly someone who seems fairly young - on the ins and outs of keyloggers and activity monitors, and I'm surprised that some forum members seem to think its perfectly OK to do so.

I think this is a family matter, and not something we want to be involved in.

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