watching dv camcorder on pc

  shortcircuited 18:29 09 Jan 2003
  shortcircuited 18:29 09 Jan 2003

I have a panasonic mini digital camcorder which i would like to view on pc, i have a firewire cable connected from pc to camcorder dv but can only get very poor quality viewing using windows movie maker. How can i get real life viewing of my camcorder on pc? do i need a tv card or can i view without?
thank you for your help in advance.

  y_not 19:00 09 Jan 2003

Ideally you need to capture the video to the HDD. To do this you will need a software programme - one is usually supplied with the camera.

The captured file is normally saved as an AVI file which will play in media player or can be encoded and output to CD for playback through a standalone DVD player (but not all DVD players support VCD/SVCD file formats).

Hope that this information helps

  shortcircuited 19:24 09 Jan 2003

does that mean i dont need to add any hardware, I have a dvd player

  Stuartli 19:48 09 Jan 2003

It will play in Windows Media Player.

You should also have separate audio/video phono outlets (just guessing here, but likely) that will enable you to plug your camcorder into a TV.

There should be three phono plugs coloured yellow, red and whilte - plug them into the appropriate sockets.

If you have Scart sockets on the TV you can buy a phono/Scart adapter that will provide even better picture and sound quality.

  Stuartli 19:50 09 Jan 2003

Should explain that the three phono plugs will be part of an adapter lead and that the other end can be plugged into your camcorder.

  shortcircuited 20:39 09 Jan 2003

thanx for the help everyone, I shall try it
I was wondering what those funny looking things were (red yellow white)

  hgrock 20:51 09 Jan 2003

your last comment made me smile shortcircuited , i was woundering did you read the manual that came with the camcorder, also get unlead video creator. click here

  shortcircuited 21:04 09 Jan 2003

i cant seem to get your click here to work, it may just be a temporary glitch. and i dont think i've ever used that word before - (glitch)

  shortcircuited 21:18 09 Jan 2003

click here is working

  shortcircuited 23:44 09 Jan 2003

i'm connected on a firewire now, i just needed to change the capture to a better resolution, but i think that i need to get some better software in order to get higher resolution

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