wat are your views torwards this site i am making?

  Jwbjnwolf 17:59 14 Feb 2011

click here
It is not an actual genuine website or store, it is all fictional as it is created for my ict work in school only and not for any other purpose.
It is not yet finished either but i would like some views towards it and some comments on what could be improved.
out of ten, what would you give it?
and remember to keep checking back every now and then because as you read it, chances are, that I am still editing it.
I will say when i have finished it.

High five to who ever gives suggestions and reasons and comments.

  Jwbjnwolf 18:42 14 Feb 2011

I don't know, it is what Google Sites do automatically.
I would say no when that warning comes up
If you do not know what google sites is, this is the link.
click here

  Forum Editor 18:55 14 Feb 2011

from Speakers Corner.

  Jwbjnwolf 18:59 14 Feb 2011

Oh, no wonder it said page not found when I refreshed the page. I was thinking "why has it been taken off?"lol

  Jwbjnwolf 20:06 14 Feb 2011

For now, I cannot think of any other info to add, so for now, I think it is complete.

I would love to hear all you suggestions on improving the site.

  Jwbjnwolf 10:32 15 Feb 2011
  Jwbjnwolf 10:33 15 Feb 2011

this is the home page link.
click here

  Jwbjnwolf 19:07 15 Feb 2011

What ever it is, Google sites will not let me change it.
It works with Opera, Safari, chrome, and guessing Firefox, but will not for some reason with IE.
It is Google's prob, not mine.
If you select no when that message pops up, it will almost show up correctly, but every other browser seems alright with it.

  OTT_B 20:34 15 Feb 2011

Even Google wouldn't have a system that won't work on IE. There will be a way to fix it!

Doesn't need to be HTTPS click here

There are a few typos and grammar errors that you might want to look at.

  Jwbjnwolf 21:09 15 Feb 2011

It still comes up with https after though.
I do not know if that solves that silly thing as opera, safari and chrome do not say anything(in other words, they do not complain unlike IE)

  OTT_B 21:16 15 Feb 2011

"It still comes up with https after though."

Doesn't in Chrome. Not tested on any other browser.

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