Waste Tank on Canon BJC 3000 Printer

  prima12 14:55 01 May 2004

Hi all, just an update on a previous posting I made 'Canon BJC 3000 Printer'. I eventually got around to taking it apart, and didn't realise how easy it was going to be, only needed a philips screwdriver to remove 1 screw, and a flat blade screwdriver to release the clips. It took me longer to wash out and dry the sponge pads than it did to do the whole job, and I managed to reset the error code warning. It's now working fine and all I need to do now is to install my new set of ink cartridges. Thanks to all who answered my posting, which pointed me in the right dirction.

  david4637 15:56 01 May 2004

Can you give us the link to the folk that gave you how to clean out the waste ink tank. Thanks David

  Wak 16:26 01 May 2004

Hi, could you also please let us know how you went about correcting the error code.
Did this involve the registry???

  prima12 20:41 01 May 2004

Hi Guys, Here are the links that were supplied to me. click here , click here, click here

  Wak 21:34 01 May 2004

Thanks for that info, Prima.

  david4637 15:34 02 May 2004

What was the problem on your canon printer that caused you to strip it down to get to the waste tank. I would be interested to know as I have a canon printer (s630). Thanks David

  prima12 15:50 02 May 2004

The problem I had was that the light on the top started to alternate between green and orange and eventually the orange light was on all the time and printer refused to print. (They don't tell you that it won't work when this happens when you buy it, mine is only 3 years old). I tried to just reset the 'waste tank full' error reading but it was having none of it. The light now comes on with a green light and not an orange one, and behaves perfectly. Believe me it WAS easy to clean the waste tank foam pads, have a go if yours plays up.

  david4637 16:07 03 May 2004

How did you find out how to take it apart to get to the waste tank. Thanks for your reply post above - did you buy a manual? David

  prima12 16:52 03 May 2004

David, being a motor mechanic I have to have some idea how things may come apart, even if I don't really know for sure how they come apart, plus I had already bought another printer so I had nothing to lose. If I broke it and/or couldn't get it back together it didn't matter too much.

  david4637 15:15 04 May 2004

Although I am not a mechanic I enjoy a challenge -what is there lose in having a go. Its the only way you learn how things work if they pack up. Thanks David

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