Is/was this a virus? help please

  bof:) 17:04 07 May 2003

Hi all,

On turning on my PC this morning,I found that all of my antivirus/trojan/spyware programs were missing (ad aware:spybot s&d:the cleaner:spyblaster) all except for the NAV 2003 icon in the system tray.

I ran NAV and it said MBR had been altered. So I ticked quarantine but after scan had finished there was nothing in the quarantine bin.

I noticed that in my task bar was an icon I'd not seen before for Ebot followed by a string of numbers, I deleted it.

Also missing was the folder that stored 'my profile' stuff desktop shortcuts in it along with several other programs that have gone. Also reset was my Internet connection settings to an older server I once used.

I know MBR resets can move back to a previous MBR but these programs had been on my pc for some. time.

I've used 'Housecall' to scan my PC and nothing has shoown up. (I've since ran Ad aware 6 which found 97 files in Spybot? This is strange because they have run ok before together).

Any thoughts would be appreciated because I'm baffled why it should be mainly my antivirus/trojan/spyware programs that were effected.
Is there a virus that hits on todays date?

many thanks,


  Gaz 25 18:01 07 May 2003

It is more likely to be a corruption, you mean they were totally uninstalled?

That is very odd....

You could try file checker from the click here website....

Put all your program files in for ad-aware and see what tries to delete it.

It could help to track it down....

Wipe your IE cookies, downloaded Activ Xs and everything should be Ok.

Has it happened before?

  Ironman556 18:21 07 May 2003

Could be somthing like "malware". There's onegoing round that uninstalls Ad-Aware. Can you find any other references to Ebot anywhere... that sounds dodgy to me.

I assume you've restored/reinstalled everything? Has it done it again?

  VoG™ 18:33 07 May 2003

Spybot puts things in "quarantine" - as a back-up. AdAware sometimes reports these as spyware in Spybot.

  bof:) 19:21 07 May 2003

Hi All,

I've just run the latest version of 'Swat It' and its found a trojan called 'Break Time 101.exe' in my download folder.... could this be it?

gaz25 this has never happpened before. All virus checker/trojan/spyware totally gone from PC except the NAV 2003 icon in the systems tray.

Paint shop pro icon has also vanished off desktop. If I try to access a picture done with paintshop pro, I get the following message:

'The windows installer failed to install the program associated with this file. Please contact your Systems Administrator.' (I'm using a personal stand alone PC).

PC appears to be running slowly between clicks and the icons on the desktop refresh themselves twice now...never used to do that...odd or what?

Ironman Found ref to 'Ebot' in my profile and temp internet folder + desktop. They were created on 28th July 2002 according to their 'properties'.

Ebot seems to be an update collector...I've deleted it.

Vog thanks for the help and reassurance

  Ironman556 20:17 07 May 2003

Could easily be a trojan, if you're running slow then you're probably got somthing running in the background that you can't see. I don't know if somthing like end-it-all will show up hidden programs running.

Try clearing internet history, cookies, active x, temporary files etc.

Also try searching google for the offending trojan & program see what you can find out.

  bof:) 22:18 07 May 2003

Hi All,

I've downloaded and run End-it-All. The following files were shown to be running at the moment.

(I'm running Windows 98se).

1. ccctvmgr.exe Event Manager Service Win95 RPC Winsg window

2. ddhelp.exe Direct X helper

3. End it All.exe

4. explorer.exe

5. itouch.exe keyboard

6. Kernel32.dll Win32 kernel 32

7. mmtask.tsk M/S Multimedia task A

8. mpr.exe Win32 network interface

9. msmsg MSN

10. pstores.exe protected shortage server

11. Systray

12. taskmon.exe task monitor

13.wmiexe.exe WMI service exe housing

Is there anything in the above list that looks 'suspect'?

many thanks,


  VoG™ 23:00 07 May 2003

All appears kosher to me.

  bof:) 01:19 09 May 2003

cheers vog.......thanks for the help

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