Was firewall slowing down PC?

  Miros 09:40 07 Sep 2007

I installed Kerio a few weeks ago and suspect it was causing a few connection problems especially with Voipdiscount. Speaking to my brother regarding this ( he uses Voipdiscount also) he said that with a wireless router you don't really need a fire wall, and in any case why not use the built in XP firewall instead? This I have done. The remarkable thing is that now PCA is loading considerably quicker especially My Postings which was always sluggish.

Is this just a coincidence with the current change that has taken place with My Postings
which are now back to front. Is this, or was this to speed things up?

Think I'll stick with my XP firewall anyway as there is definitely a marked improvement all round.

  johnnyrocker 10:26 07 Sep 2007

the xp firewall is one way only and not as efficient as others, personally i use sygate which i find as efficient as any with no probs.


  birdface 10:39 07 Sep 2007

I use Kerio Firewall and have notice that I have problems opening some pages especially in PCA.Just wondering whether to try deleting Kerio and then reinstalling it.I did read a few weeks ago with others with the same problem and they deleted Kerio.It would be a pity as I have got on fine with it and don't really want to lose it.I will watch your thread to see how you get on.And see if anyone else has the solution.I always blamed PCA since they started their new Browser and now I find out it may be the Firewall.

  Miros 10:53 07 Sep 2007

My brothers explanation for not requiring a firewall is that with a wireless router it has it's own firewall. There is very little danger with incoming traffic but if your PC gets infected then there is a danger of outgoing traffic connecting to unwanted sites, in which case to avoid this possibility to use the built in XP firewall, which will do the business.

I must add he spent the better part of his working life in the IT industry! Now retired but still very active with this 'medium'.

  birdface 11:55 07 Sep 2007

As far as I know Windows Firewall will only protect for incoming traffic and not outgoing .As far as I know he is probably correct with assumption that wireless router Firewall is all that is needed.

  Miros 12:22 07 Sep 2007

Have I got it the wrong way round? It's not surprising knowing me!!!

  birdface 12:37 07 Sep 2007

I deleted Kerio to see if it would make any difference ,But up to now ii is just the same as before ,So I may reinstall Kerio a little later,But will carry on with Windows Firewall for another 24 hours just to see if any difference found.

  Miros 12:39 07 Sep 2007

It may be just coincidence but mine does seem that much more lively:-)

  birdface 14:12 07 Sep 2007

I am still getting the blue background when changing pages.No big deal but a bit of a nuisance.

  Miros 16:19 07 Sep 2007

Still no problem this end, and though hard to measure I would say still marginally faster.

  Miros 08:39 08 Sep 2007

This morning I got a malicious URL warning from S&D (their latest version) it was a web site I had no knowledge of so that was OK. Then I got another warning when I went to my AOL web address. Now I know or think this should be OK, if it carried on like that everything would appear Malicious.

I'm wondering if I have been too quick to condemn Kerio as the problem when it could have been S&D causing access problems?

I will start another post to see if anybody else is experiencing this problem with S&D.

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