Warranty query

  MrTrouble 00:37 12 Nov 2008

I have just purchased a Acer Aspire 5315 for my wife to play with. It came with Vista and only 512mb of memory which I understand from issues on this forum that this is no way near enough.
Now if I were to buy 2gb of memory which a friend of mine says he will put in for me will that void the warranty in any way?
Thanks for your time.

  Diemmess 09:01 12 Nov 2008

Why not ask the seller?

As a rule of thumb if there is an adhesive lable which is torn gaining access, then the warranty becomes void.

  tullie 09:16 12 Nov 2008

Youve got a choice,insert memory to improve performance,or leave it labouring as it will.I wouldent worry about the warrenty.

  MAJ 10:13 12 Nov 2008

... of a new laptop. After about 18 months or so I wouldn't worry as much.

I had a look around and most Acer Aspire 5315 laptops I have seen come with 1GB of RAM, although Crucial state that it has 512MB as standard. click here Who did you buy it from? Maybe, if it's someone local, they'll upgrade the memory for you. 512MB of RAM is the minimum for Vista Basic, so it should run okay. Normally suppliers and manufacturers allow you to upgrade the memory in laptops and some other components in a desktop (graphics card, etc.). If you ask the seller, as Diemmess has suggested, you should get your mind set at rest.

  MrTrouble 21:58 12 Nov 2008

Thanks for all your answers.
I purchased this laptop on eBay and will get in touch with the company who sold it to me tomorrow.
I will be back in touch to finish off.

  MrTrouble 10:41 14 Nov 2008

I got on to the company yesterday and they said that replacing the Ram does not invalidate the warranty so that is good news.
Thanks for your replies but I guess I should have done that in the first place!!

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