Warranty confusion?

  Hrosir 18:40 09 Dec 2011

Hi, I bought a new PC from Pc World a couple of months ago and then found that for some unknown reason it would not boot, just restart and repeat. So I returned it to my nearest store to see what could be done. I waited whilst it was inspected in store to be told that as it woulldn't boot correctly it would have to go in for repair. Expected turn over time around 7 to 10 days. After several calls a week later I was told that the part needed was not in stock but on order and would be done as soon as the part was available. To cut this story short, the Pc was still not ready after 4 weeks so we were told that we could replace it in store. What I was not aware of was that I could not have the same model as they no longer had one! and that the amount I spent on the original would no longer buy me an equivalent model with the same specs. In the end I bought a higher spec cpu but took a smaller hard drive costing me another £57! Although the staff were helpful I wonder if this procedure is correct?

  mooly 19:21 09 Dec 2011

I suppose 8 weeks is long enough for the store to insist on a repair.

It's also a short enough time imo for you to say that as the PC had now been inspected and found faulty that it could not have been of mechantable quality in the first place and so to push for a replacement or refund on the spot. Sale of goods act. When the part needed is not obtainable quickly that adds further weight to your case.

To late now though to do much about it.

  robin_x 19:23 09 Dec 2011

Whether it is 'correct' or not, I would write a strong complaint.

You received very little use from a new PC, their repair service was not up to standard, and you are out of pocket on your purchase.

I would have thought the very least you are due a Goodwill gesture.

  bjh 19:38 09 Dec 2011

I'm sure others with better knowledge will correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the legal requirement is for a replacement to be of similar specification, not similar price. So, even if you bought something at a bargain price, the replacement should match the product's specification, not the purchase price.

  Hrosir 19:56 09 Dec 2011

This is my point.I was told that the manufactures warranty does not give you a like for like pc, merely a cost replacement which for the sum of my pc, 299 pounds,would not equate to the 1 TB drive I choose originally.I was questioned why I needed such a big drive at all! I had hoped that by replace, it meant a pc with no less specs than I choose originally. In order for me to have similar specs I would have to pay the difference.

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