Warning:Vista security update problem.

  igk 11:50 10 Feb 2010

I have just had today 10/02 the latest security updates for Vista from M$. On
restart computer hung at initial boot up and then a message "boot mangr missing press alt ctrl and delete to restart" I did this and after approx 15
tense minutes my computer restarted.
Just to warn others if this happens to them, I have had no problems at all with this computer up to now.
I will be contacting M$ about this.

  RGB76 11:55 10 Feb 2010

I had 8 updates last night and everything is fine here.
I hope you get sorted ok, it does seem strange.



  igk 12:05 10 Feb 2010

I have just checked M$ forums and there are quite a few people that have had even worse problems than me with this update it also is happening to XP users also,some are saying that their computers will not work at all!
I am about to reboot to see if this happens again!

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