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Warning: Your connection is not private

  stlucia2 11:23 27 Feb 2019

For some years now I've been monitoring Thai share prices on the Stock Exchange of Thailand web site, without any problems. Since a couple of days ago I've been able to connect to the site's home page , but when I try to use the 'Get Quote' function (near the top right of the home page) I get an error message 'Your connection is not private. Attackers may be trying to steal your information from . . . NET:ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID' when using Google Chrome as my browser in Windows 10, and access to the page is denied. I get similar, but not identical, messages when I try to access the same page using MS Edge on my desktop or laptop, or Apple Safari on my tablet, and access to the page is denied in all cases. In Chrome I can bypass the block by clicking on the 'Proceed to (unsafe)' message which appears at the bottom of the initial error message, but the same option doesn't seem to be available in Edge or Safari.

Any idea what's going on please? Have Windows and Apple or MS and Google recently added a new 'security' feature that I'm not aware of. If so, how do I switch it off, or make an exception for this particular page? I've contacted Webmaster, and they've replied that it's working okay for them.

  Forum Editor 14:18 27 Feb 2019

The page you are trying to access has the correct htpps address, so from that point of view there is no reason why you shouldn't see it. I can access it (using Chrome on a Windows 10 machine) without any problem.

Do you have anti-virus software on your machines?

Before we go any further,try this link to the page and see if that works. Then post back here, and one of us will try to suggest a fix.

  stlucia2 15:33 27 Feb 2019

Thanks for looking into it FE. Your link takes me to a different page, which is normally presented when you don't know the correct code for the share you want, so you can select from the alphabetical list. I could get that on my desktop, laptop, and tablet without any problem, while Get Quote wasn't working. And the Get Quote box in the page your link gives me works okay.

However, I've just tried my usual route from my PC and my iPad, and the Get Quote function is working once again! I'm guessing that Webmaster has fixed something, despite replying to me that there was nothing wrong with their system. The messages I was getting said their Certificate for that page was invalid or out of date, so maybe that's what they've fixed.

  stlucia2 08:45 28 Feb 2019

Update. Webmaster has emailed me to say "The webmaster already checked and improved the domain . . . . Sorry for inconvenience caused."

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