Warning to Windows ME users

  misog 21:34 25 Dec 2004

Dont update your Windows Media Player.

After a re format I have updated my media player both with Windows Update and by "checking for player upgrades" on the media player itself. Both times it has loaded Windows Media Player 10. Fine you might say "its the new media player for XP" BUT I'M RUNNING ME . WHY IS IT UPDATING ME TO 10.
Sorry I have the hump with Microsoft. I think I will have to re format to clear it all out.

  VoG II 22:47 25 Dec 2004

I don't run ME but I do not understand this warning. Will MP 10 not work on ME?

  Laser157 22:53 25 Dec 2004

It's only supposed to be for XP and as I have ME, thanks for the warning.

However to put it right on your machine why not use System Restore?

  Valvegrid 22:57 25 Dec 2004

I just tried to download and it said WP10 was not compatible with my system, it linked me to the download site for WP9:

click here

Just scroll down to the one you want.

  misog 23:13 25 Dec 2004

I had no choice . It just downloaded 10 on both occasions.First I knew what was wrong when the error messages started to appear.

  Valvegrid 23:17 25 Dec 2004

Can you uninstall WP10 and reinstall using the download link I gave?

  misog 23:35 25 Dec 2004

Just rubbed it all out and started again. Glad i'm on broadband all these updates for ME

  misog 23:36 25 Dec 2004

'nough to make me spend some money on XP

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:37 25 Dec 2004

for a couple of years. Downloaded a security patch for media playe a week or two ago, no problems since.

Are you sure it's not an error on your part, rather than MS? (not that I have any affinity to Mr Gates)!

  ACOLYTE 23:40 25 Dec 2004

I thought windows update checked for updates by OS type,so it shouldn't have told you that wmp 10 was available if it wasn't for your OS,does that make sense? lol.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:45 25 Dec 2004

and type in Media Player or just select this from the drop down list. Your search will/should reveal most versions. Go down the list and install the verison say media player 7.1 or 9
Also Microsoft will want to verify you Windows ME.

If MS find its is not genuine it will fail on the install. This also happens with Direct X.

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