Warning window !

  curlylad 16:55 07 Oct 2003

On start screen(Win98SE)my P.C. tells me that
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VSUTIL.DLL may be damaged and should be re-installed, Firstly what is this file,what does it do,and if need be where can I download it from?

  Jester2K II 16:57 07 Oct 2003

TrueVector Service - Reinstall ZoneAlarm.

  curlylad 00:31 09 Oct 2003

Jester2K II,
Tanx for your help sadly though when I tried to download Zone Alarm , when it had finished downloading, a window appeared with this at the top of the window C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\GLB6221.TMP
in the window it said this 'Validation failed for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\VSUTIL.DLL'
However it seems to have sort of downloaded as it let me put a short cut to it on my desk top , but when I double click it , it gives me the validation failed window again , it also shows this window if I right click and then click open .
Whats my next move cuz it looks like its got me in 'Mate in three' if you know what I mean.

  Jester2K II 07:36 09 Oct 2003

Sounds like a corrupt download or a problem in the temp directory.

Goto C:\windows\temp and delete as much a you can. There will always be a few files in use.

Then try again.

If that doesn't work re-download.

You did uninstall the old version didn't you??

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