WARNING! -ups delivery problem Nr 99903

  Seth Haniel 10:46 03 Mar 2010

email with zip attachment doing the rounds

zip has virus in it - beware

  Ventad 10:54 03 Mar 2010

I have just received emailfrom DHL want me to click on delivery adfvice!

Dear customer!
The courier service was not able to deliver your parcel at your address.
Cause: Mistake in address
You may pickup the parcel at our post office personally.
The delivery advice is attached to this e-mail.
Print this label to get this package at our post office.
Please do not reply to this e-mail, it is an unmonitored mailbox!

Thank you,
DHL Services.

  anniesboy 11:23 03 Mar 2010

More information here from Hoax Slayer
click here

  Ventad 17:19 03 Mar 2010

Thanks just letting others know along with
Seth Haniel that other forms of 'click on here' are comming through today.

  mammak 19:34 03 Mar 2010

Thank you for the warning. I had noticed, that I had NOT received the despatch note email (this normally contains a link to the DHL website for tracking purposes )from a company that use DHL as a delivery method, so maybe they company’s are aware of this virus! And are protecting their customers. If so good for them.

  jack 08:22 04 Mar 2010

purporting to come from carriers- unable to deliver to volume shippers.
I have had them from 'DHL'-UPS- and this past week
Amazon click here

The thing to do is to ask your self -
1'Are you expecting such a shipment'?
2.Is some one sending you some thing?
3.Is there an outstanding order?
If the answer is no delete it.
If you are not sure then note the detail and type a new mail[copy nothing] then delete the original. and ask for confirmation.

The best security of all is to read your maiul on your account at the website- before activating your E-mail client.
In this way nothing nasty ever comes your way.

  Input Overload 08:36 04 Mar 2010

Thanks for that passed the info on.

  jack 11:00 08 Mar 2010

The usual - the parcel I sent on the 2nd March could not be delivered- de da de da

Point is- 99.75% of every one would know if they had sent a parcel to anyone or not----------Wouldn't they?

So what is the point?

  Ventad 11:12 08 Mar 2010

Problem is for people is that a lot of people are expecting a parcel at any onetime and it must catch those that are unaware of what is going on. I was expecting a parcel emailed DHL from their site and got no reply!!!

  jack 13:15 08 Mar 2010

I understand your poinr nut the message recieved does not say that
The hoax message refers to a parcel YOU allegedly had sent and could not be delivered.
You would know that wouldn't you?

  Ventad 15:20 08 Mar 2010

Not wishing to be pedantic, but, However many times I read the line 'not able to deliver your parcel at your address' it means my address and not to the 'Addressee' from a parcel that I had sent.

Not withstanding this the Grammar is open to discussion and with two of us taking the opposite line one can see the problem that emails can have to persons non the wiser.

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