Terry Brown 20:02 13 Aug 2011

If you decide to install Ubuntu (11.04) on your system, it will work with windows, however if you decide hat you no longer want it, and try to delete, you will lose ALL information on that drive, windows will not be able to format or Partition it.

The only way to recover the Harddrive is to use a low Level format program from the Harddrive manufacturers.

USB drives (including USB thumb drives) cannot be recovered this way as all the information required to format the disk is lost.

If you must try Ubuntu, run it from a CD or DVD on;ly.


  rdave13 20:44 13 Aug 2011

If it does that then shoving it in a caddy and using a HDD manager will surely format it. Your Windows backup will be safe on another drive. You do have backups?

  LastChip 20:57 13 Aug 2011

Inaccurate and scaremongering.

It depends upon how you install Ubuntu; whether it was a dual boot system, whether it was installed on a separate partition or drive, in fact on a whole lot of variables.

What is true, is Windows is incapable of reading native Linux file systems, but, there's nothing to stop you installing Linux on a FAT file system if you want to. You just have to accept a serious performance hit. Furthermore, you can't blame Ubuntu for Windows substandard performance. Any decent partitioning software will format the drive. Partition Magic and GParted to name but two.

  rdave13 22:13 13 Aug 2011


Windows substandard performance

Not sure what you mean by that comment. Windows uses its own boot loader with which ever Windows OS . It does not need to allow for other OSs. If someone needs to dual boot or whatever then careful research should be used for both OSs.

  LastChip 22:23 13 Aug 2011

The comment is simple - Linux can see and read Windows, but not via-versa.

Also, as I mentioned, any decent partitioning software would deal with the problem. The fact that Windows is crippled in so many ways, cannot be blamed on others.

The boot loader in this context, is irrelevant.

  rdave13 22:27 13 Aug 2011

In what way crippled?

  LastChip 23:01 13 Aug 2011

I could write a book on it, but I don't have enough time, so I suggest you do a Google search for "How is Windows crippled" and you'll come up with about 3.9m results.

Best of luck reading that lot ;-)

Please just accept, Windows is a proprietary system and Microsoft will do whatever they need to do to lock you in. And they're very successful at that for most people. Linux is quite the reverse.

  rdave13 23:11 13 Aug 2011

Of course they will. They run a business don't they? Or am I missing something? Many other companies, using Microsoft's products also run business' such as CAD, Games etc.

Thought that business made the the world go round. Wonder when we'll get Farmer Linux, spreading free food around the world, that will knacker Tesco and their ilk.......

  scotty 16:57 14 Aug 2011

I use various versions of linux on computers which also have Windows. I often remove or replace Linux and have never encountered the problem you describe. Please provide full details of what you have done and seen to help others understand exactly what has happened.

  pompyx 17:30 14 Aug 2011

I rewrite the MBR after deleting Umbuntu, and have never had a problem.

  ams4127 20:28 14 Aug 2011

I just use EasyBCD to reset the MBR, and then delete Ubuntu. Like pompyx, I've done it many times and have never had any bother. Takes about five minutes.

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