Warning - Spybot Clones / Rip Offs

  Jester2K II 00:04 22 Jul 2003

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Rip-offs are anti-spyware products that have stolen Intelectual Property from Spybot-S&D. In the first three cases, they have decrypted the database (that lists all threats) and used it for their own products. The latest rip-off ( SpyGone ) even copied the original files 1-to-1, and just changed icon and name of the main executable file.

It is not only illegit to use such a rip-off, it could also be dangerous, as rip-offs are never quite as current as the original, and with anti-spyware, it's very important to always keep up-to-date (if you haven't updated recently, why not do it now?).

The following list shows know rip-offs; I will also add some more details and evidence in the coming days.

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  Jester2K II 09:38 22 Jul 2003

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