Warning Sound. What is it?

  Joy 09:48 22 Oct 2006

Help. Never heard of this problem before so hope someone has and knows the solution! I have a lot of Microsoft Office Access files. Never any bother with them before now. Every time I open one now a warning sound is made on my computer. Never heard this sound before. Turning the volume down makes no difference and it is a horrible noise. Have uninstalled Office and reinstalled it to no avail. It’s an ‘ee au, ee au’ sound (if you can understand this). Have virus checked and Adaware checked but nothing. Any ideas?

  starlet 09:55 22 Oct 2006

It sounds like the fan on your Processor has gone down or is going down when you are opening up a doc you are making the Processor work and it is getting hot look into replaceing the fan and you should be okay.


  VoG II 10:00 22 Oct 2006

Start, Run, type


and click OK. Look for any errors corresponding to when you got this sound.

  Stuartli 10:03 22 Oct 2006

There will be other processes that will make the CPU work very much harder.

  Joy 10:17 22 Oct 2006

Typing eventvwr produced a lot of errors with the source as WSH which means what? One warning with the source Userenv. Any ideas? Will try a new fan if it continues. Thanks everyone

  VoG II 10:25 22 Oct 2006

Do these files contain macros (VBA code)?

  SANTOS7 10:32 22 Oct 2006

click here

click here

this is what they are, but how they would generate an error beep i'm not sure unless you have a corrupt file relating to this

  Joy 10:39 22 Oct 2006

The answer is definitely among this lot. Will have to study it in detail, if I can understand it. When virus checking the 'hosts' the noise was there too. All very revelant. thanks.

  Joy 13:26 22 Oct 2006

Thank you everybody. Will let you know when it is resolved, probably in 3 year's time when I have finished studying all the info from SANTOS7!

  Joy 16:38 25 Oct 2006

Still have not found the answer to this problem! Don't think I ever will.

  woodchip 16:55 25 Oct 2006

I would think it's a Macro Virus. And is being picked up as such by your AV

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