Warning - Resizing C Drive lost my restore points

  john bunyan 10:50 29 Sep 2013

I used Easus to increase the size of my C partition at the expense of the data one. I then (by accident) found that the automatic restore point creation was switched off and there were no restore points, so I quickly made one. I had not realise this might happen and wonder if I did something wrong?

  john bunyan 12:01 29 Sep 2013

Not sure where all the old restore point files went? I used disc clean up to try to get rid of them, re -enabled restore, and made a new restore point. Hope it works. Also,I cannot quite understand why my windows file on the desktop is over 34 Gig but the laptop is 28.

  Charles12 08:32 27 Nov 2013

Maybe the initial position of the partition has been changed, so you lost the restore point.

You should refer to Easeus official resizing tutorial to extend system partition

If you don't need to reboot when extending C drive, you won't lost the restore point.

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