Warning -read BB small print before signing up

  Halmer 21:55 24 Mar 2004

Just a word of warning.

If you are on dial-up and take the plunge to Broadband, just make sure that you read the small print. In particular be aware that if you give the provider your credit card details they will take the monthly instalments out of this account, even if you give them your current acount details as part of the sign up.

This is not a problem until you get abysmal service and try to cancel the agreement. They then have total control over your Visa/Mastercard account to charge you a whopping, unfair cancellation fee and there is jot all that you can do about it. They basically have you by the short and curlies and you have to accept a crap service. Visa/Mastercard are unable to accept any instructions from you to stop the payment which I find totally amazing given that it is your account. Only the provider can issue instructions to them so either way they will extract money from your account.

  Djohn 22:27 24 Mar 2004

Very useful reminder Halmer. Thank you. j

  spuds 23:06 24 Mar 2004

Halmer-as you say 'always read the small print'.Many people do not until it is too late.

  bvw in bristol 00:15 25 Mar 2004

Cancel your credit card.

  PanMan 00:27 25 Mar 2004

I have read elsewhere to this site that even cancelling a credit card will not stop charges to it. If you read the small print for the card (Boring) you will find that this is true. So that even when you have cancelled it they will still require you to pay them any amounts legally charged to it. Your agreement with the BB supplier was probably legal and they can legally charge it to your card.

Exactly, its the same as writing a cheque (gauranteed) and then closing the account before it is presented.

  Forum Editor 00:50 25 Mar 2004

"..........charge you a whopping, unfair cancellation fee" if you've previously accepted the fact that they can do so - which you will do if the cancellation fee is mentioned in the terms and conditions to which you agree to on signup. In which case the fee isn't unfair, but simply part of the agreement.

If there's no mention of a cancellation fee then you should not be charged, and you can demand that your card company refunds the amount to the card account.

Problems can be avoided by following your advice - which sounds as if it's offered in the light of bitter experience.

  JerryJay 00:54 25 Mar 2004

A lot of ISPs charge cancellation fee if cancel within 12 months, basically they need to recover their cost (it is fair). Some ISPs have montly contract, but need an activate fee (most of this goes to BT). However, some ISPs do not charge activate fee and also have monthly contract.

I do not think one can avoid to pay cancellation fee even no credit card is given. ISPs will find a way to recover the money owe to them.

  Chegs ® 02:33 25 Mar 2004

I have been stung before,but not by my ISP!

I signed up to Pipex ADSL,but due to the lousy services I received,I was looking to change ISP>Then BT stepped in,and promptly discontinued my home phone(claiming we were in arrears with our bills)When I got this sorted out,BT reconnected our phone,but with a new number,and my ADSL line(on the old number was switched off by BT)and when I asked to have ADSL reconnected but to the new number,BT said I had to get my ISP to ask,which I duly did,only for them to insist I paid £50 reconnection fee.As my services provided had been so crap,I refused to pay them,and asked my ISP why I should have to pay,as it was BT's fault shouldn't they cough up this fee.My ISP still wanted £50,regardless,so I told them where to shove it.I then moved house,got ADSL setup,and had been whizzing about very happily since June last year until a couple of weeks ago.Then my partner was admitted to hospital,so the phone bill was left over the weekend and paid 1st thing monday morning.On the Thursday of that week,BT switched off our phone(again stating we were in arrears)and reinstated it the following Tuesday(again with a new number)All was fine until 10pm last Thursday night,when I rebooted my puter,and was unable to get connected to my ISP(Eclipse Networking)I tried the [email protected]_domain and got the same result(Error 721 The remote computer has not responded,etc)so I phoned my ISP who informed me that BT had switched off my ADSL line(again)on the old number,and their best suggestion was to sign up again with Eclipse online on monday this week.I tried,only to find that Eclipse's signup webpage was still stating my phone line was already ADSL enabled and I could migrate my ADSL to Eclipse if I had the CBUK reference number from my old ISP(also Eclipse!)so I called them up and asked for my CBUK reference number,and was told I didn't need it,as the website would be updated that night and I could simply signup online Tuesday.This I have done,but now have to wait until Friday(earliest)for BT to enable ADSL on my phoneline! I also have probably lost all my files/website from my previous ADSL account,my email address(which is really annoying,as it was remaining spam free)All because BT keep swapping my phone numbers!
The only good news about this,is my ISP have had an apology off BT,and BT/ISP have waived the reconnection fee,and I can also use the "new customer discounts"(if there are any)to perhaps get a faster connection for not a lot more than I had been paying. ;-)

  Halmer 07:58 25 Mar 2004

it means that if the service is dreadful: -

1. You have to pay at least 12 months anyway or
2. Cancel but still get saddled with a disconnection fee.
3. You have little chance of redress
4. You'll wish that you'd read the smallprint.

  byfordr 08:03 25 Mar 2004

Or pick one with a short contract...check out click here I use click here with a 3 month contract.


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