Warning to potential Firefox users

  Andsome 10:51 18 Apr 2005

To those who are considering trying out Firefox, here is a warning. I would suggest that you only try it if you intend sticking with it. I tried it out and sadly missed the IE spellchecker which I had installed very easily. After several completely abortive attempts to install one to Firefox, the instructions on their website are very complicated, I uninstalled the program. I could NOT believe how much rubbish was left behind, and to make matters worse, I could no longer use hyperlinks in Outlook express. I opened Windows Explorer and deleted several folders referring to Firefox and Mozilla, then ran a search and found at least a dozen more, and deleted these. I then opened the registry and deleted three more references, then ran Crap Cleaner and RegScrub XP. I still could not open hyperlinks in OE. After searching Google, it appears that this is a common problem. Various solutions were offered, none of which worked for me, until I found the following. This worked in my case.

First: Load Internet Explorer; click: Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab. Next, click Reset Web Settings, and Make sure to also uncheck "reset my home page" check box. Finally, go to Advanced tab and click Restore Defaults.

I would suggest that you think very carefully before trying out this browser.

  Yoda Knight 11:30 18 Apr 2005

Strange, I've had no problems at all with it and have found it much better and faster than IE.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 11:39 18 Apr 2005

with no problems whatsoever.

  Andsome 11:43 18 Apr 2005

Try uninstalling it and find out how intrusive it is, and how much garbage it leaves behind, and also see if hyperlinks work for you in OE afterwards.

  Belatucadrus 11:54 18 Apr 2005

The spellcheck I use is spellbound and while I'll agree with andsome that the instructions are not as clear as they could be, found installation easy and like the ability to select the language dictionary. Mine works fine as can be seen by the wunderfull spelung wot I yuse.
I've tried many browsers, IE, Netscape, Opera, Green, Deepnet Explorer and a few others nobody will have heard of click here for a selection. I just rate Firefox as the best available at the moment.

  Andsome 12:22 18 Apr 2005

No doubt there are many satisfied users. My point is that this browser is held up by so many as to be the answer to a maidens prayer. The simple truth is that it is far from this, and could foul up the computers of the unwary. I don't think it is a program for the novice.

  bertiecharlie 12:33 18 Apr 2005

By default, when you unistall Firefox it leaves the hidden folder in Application Data intact. This folder contains your profiles folder so that when you unistall and then install a new version, say from 1.02 to 1.03, all your settings remain intact.

About your problem with Outlook Express, did this occur only after you had uninstalled Firefox or was it a problem while Firefox was still installed? Did you set Firefox as your default browser when you installed it? In any event, you have sorted that problem and I'm sure that people have taken a note of your fix for it. I don't use Outlook Express so it would be interesting to know if anyone else has had this problem.

  Andsome 12:46 18 Apr 2005

Firefox was set as the default browser when I installed it. OE has always been set as the default e-mail client. The problem with hyperlinks only occurred after I uninstalled Firefox. Every indication on the computer was that IE was the default and so was OE. I would suggest to anyone that they search Google for 'Hyperlink problems in OE after uninstalling Firefox'. You will find more than you expect, and a vast variety of suggested cures, only one of which worked for me.

  Stuartli 12:48 18 Apr 2005

I use Firefox (now on 1.0.3) and the spell checker plug-in, which installed very easily.

Internet Express is retained on my system in case it is required (still do all the updating) and it has not been affected.

You must not have followed the instructions properly if you are having problems and even more so if you have deleted "Firefox" folders; as already pointed out these contain settings, configuration etc.

Firefox itself is in a separate folder, which is why you can uninstall it and then install the latest version without affecting the settings and configuration.

  leo49 12:56 18 Apr 2005

Unsurprisingly,yet another case of faulty HID rather than faulty software.

  Andsome 13:14 18 Apr 2005

I did not remove any folders until after I found that the hyperlinks in OE did not work

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