Warning that pasted itself and won't go away!

  Tina19721 20:41 29 Jan 2006

Thanks to everyone who hepled me with my laptop that kept crashing. Found the driver, un-installed and everything is sweet.
My problem now is that whilst I was surfing the net, a hard drive cleaning program installed itself on my laptop, all by itself. I have managed to get rid of this but my problem now is that as soon as I boot up, instead of the nice wallpaper I had, I have now got a big warning sign saying that quote "Spyware has been detected on your computer. Install an anti-virus or spyware remover to clean your computer"

Directly underneath this warning is the wording:

"View the list of top spyware removers here"

This is a web shortcut to a site called Teslaplus.com which is the home of the program that installed itself.

I already have Avast antivirus & Ad-aware SE, both of which I have run today as I have used today as a maintenance day. I have also ran Registry Mechanic 4, Cyberscrub 3.0 and done a full defrag of the hard drive.

Although this has found some problems and they have been remedied, I still have this warning as soon as I boot up. I have protection already so how can I get rid of this warning sign?

I would greatly appreciate any tips or help you could give me.

Tina 19721

  VoG II 20:47 29 Jan 2006

Try this click here

If it doesn't work, please post back.

  curlylad 23:40 29 Jan 2006

You say that you have ran amoungst other things your Anti Virus , if your Anti Virus or another program picked up the infection what was its exact name.

I suggest run the programs again and post back here the exact name of the infection we can then find a way to eliminate it.

  Chegs ®™ 23:44 29 Jan 2006

I found a similar thing on a PC brought here for remedial action.It turned out to be a desktop wallpaper that keeps adding itself until you fully dispose of the garbage that is infecting your PC.I think it was the cws nasty removal app click here that I used,but as it was awhile back I'm not able to recall which of the many nasties it was.VoG will recall the PC I'm referring to as it was posted in CT and was titled 1900+ trojans and 286 spywares.

  howard63 07:53 30 Jan 2006

2 things to try - first click on /start - run then type msconfig and enter/ on top right hand tab [startup] look for the name of this beasty. If found take the tick out of the left hand box. [by the way I take the ticks out of everything except my virus checker and zone alarm and things I want to run at startup] reboot and then put a tick in the left hand box and this notice will not return again. Second if what you have found is a nasty that has been removed it may still be in your sytem restore folder. No other prog can get into this folder and the only way of removing it is to switch off system restore. Clean your machine and then switch system restore back on. To get to system restore you right click on my computer then properties and the top left hand tab is the one. Take the tick out of the box and you will then have no system restore points.

  kingussie 21:41 04 Mar 2006


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