Warning Notice.

  Conny 22:32 30 Mar 2007

Just turned on my PC and a box came up saying,
'Access Violation at Address 02F80046. Read of Address 02F80046.'
What does this mean? Have I been hacked? Thanks guys

  User-312386 22:34 30 Mar 2007

sounds like virtual mempry problem

Restart and see what happens

  User-312386 22:34 30 Mar 2007

Meant to say "Virtual memory"

  Conny 23:49 30 Mar 2007

Hi Madboy.
Tried that and got the same message.Any other suggestions I can try tomorrow?

  Forum Editor 00:16 31 Mar 2007

when Windows, or something else, tries to write to a protected memory area. The cause might be anything from the BIOS, to hardware drivers, to the operating system. The fact that you say the error message appears when you first turn the computer on is indicative of a BIOS problem - if was going to be a software-related issue it would happen later in the boot sequence.

  Conny 21:29 01 Apr 2007

Hi F.E. sorry I haven't been able to get back before now, been very busy. Yes it only happens when I first turn on the PC so if it is a Bios problem is there anything I can do to solve it? Would a system restore do the trick? Thanks.

  woodchip 21:33 01 Apr 2007

You could try Going into BIOS and set defaults to see if it goes away, But you will then have to reset things. So If I was you write each page settings down first

  Conny 22:01 01 Apr 2007

Hi Woodchip. So long as it is not doing any harm and I haven't been hacked I think I will leave it as it is. I don't fancy the idea of twiddling with the BIOS. Too many things could go wrong. Thanks everyone for your help.

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