WARNING - Internet Company does not reply

  Dirty Dick 12:36 03 Sep 2011

This is just warning to people considering buying products from this company.

My laptop battery recently failed and I sourced a replacement on the internet from http://www.laptopbatterystore.co.uk/ . The item arrived and I started to use it straight away.

However, the battery only charged the once, then discharged and then refused to re-charge.

I looked at the website and could not find a telephone number or address for this company. Alarm bells should have started ringing !!! The only way I could contact them was through the “Contact Us” page on the website. I sent them a message complaining and asking how to return the battery and claim a refund.

I got an e-mail from them saying “In order to have a double confirmation, would you please tell us more details about your original battery. Such as the battery P/N, voltage, etc. which are much helpful for our further research. So that we can provide you a professional recommendation.

Pls feel free to contact me if you need any assistance. Best Regards, Tracy Customer Service Centre “

This e-mail came from [email protected]

I then sent FOUR e-mails to them but had NO replies whatsoever.

I then decided to do a bit of digging. I made up a Hotmail account and sent the following e-mail, as though from a company.

“Hi We have about 20 laptops for our reps and about half are needing replacement batteries. Would you be able to supply these batteries at a competitive price. Thank You! Shiela Higging Head of Procurement

Low and behold, the next day when I checked for e-mails the following was sat in my Inbox.

“Dear Shiela, thanks for your email. could you pls send me the model numbers of these laptops so that I can confirm if we can supply you the related batteries? and we can give you 10% discount on this. pls let me know asap. we are ready to help you with this. Pls feel free to contact me if you need any assistance. Best Regards, Tracy Customer Service Centre”

I have since bought another replacement battery from amother source, and this is working fine, so proving that it was the battery that was defective and not my Laptop.

I would like to get a refund so if anyone has any details on theis company please let me know.

So let that be a warning to people out there about this company that says “Pls feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.”


  northumbria61 13:33 03 Sep 2011

You say you sent them 4 emails but got no replies. Did you reply to the Googlemail.com address or create 4 new emails? Have you checked on your Server to see that those emails haven't gone into your SPAM folder by mistake? Have you contacted them via this page enter link description here

  northumbria61 13:39 03 Sep 2011

There are plenty of negative reviews here enter link description here

  Dirty Dick 13:41 03 Sep 2011

Hi northumbria61

I replied twice through the Googlemail address and twice through the Contact Us page.

I then sent an e-mail direct to the Googlemail address posing as another company interesred in purchasing several replacement products and got an immediate reply. When I checked the packaging on the battery there was a lot of Chinese writing on it.

  northumbria61 13:46 03 Sep 2011

If you read the reviews I have sent you it appears that the goods are delivered from China and the UK bit is just a front. How did you pay? If you used PayPal (which is always safer) you could try contacting them to see if they could help. As you say Alarm bells are ringing with this one.

  northumbria61 14:11 03 Sep 2011

Just to add to this I would say that we could all be taken in by the co.uk bit but what I always do is to check not only the contact us bit but also the about us to see the address where they are located.

You did get a reply to your original message through the contact us page but not to the other 4 you sent. They may not have received those messages for whatever reason and/or do you have any way of checking that?

  Kevscar1 14:13 03 Sep 2011

Chargeback on your debit or credit card

  Dirty Dick 19:21 03 Sep 2011

I thought that you could only get chargeback on your card if it was over £100 ?

The money went through a company called Moneybookers.com, i have just started reading reviews which are not very good.

  morddwyd 19:36 03 Sep 2011

"i have just started reading reviews which are not very good."

A hard lesson learnt!

For anyone else who may be in any doubt, read the reviews before you part with your hard earned, not after.

  Dirty Dick 21:31 03 Sep 2011

Letter just being composed for Chargeback from Mastercard.

Fingers crossed !

  AroundAgain 23:33 03 Sep 2011

Just a thought!

Why not reply, as of the company wanting the significant number of batteries, ie via Hotmail, asking if they have a UK phone number you can contact them on, as you would like to 'discuss' the deal with them.

Might be able to also get a location address from them too, in that way (suggest you would be sending a company cheque, perhaps).

I reckon it's worth a try, at least. They're not to know why you want their UK address and phone number.

If you can get UK address and phone number, plus a name, you could then pursue this further.

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