Warning on first screen

  waterland 10:26 20 Jun 2006

On switching on at the first screen I get the warning :-

SMART Failure predicted on Primary Master : Maxtor 5T06046
Hard drive failure may be imminent

i can then press F1 and the computer completes booting up and seems to work fine.

Is this terminal!! The hard drive is about 18 months old
Thank you

  wee eddie 10:42 20 Jun 2006

It is possible that your HDD is not failing, but don't take the risk.

  josie mayhem 10:47 20 Jun 2006

could very well be, I would advise to back up all your important data, then go to the maxtor site and download there dianogstic utlity to see if this can see what might be causeing the warning...

If you are convident enough, I would open the case up and check all connection to the hard drive (switching the comuter off at the mains before hand)just to ilimiate any loose connections.

But the only time I've seen this warning it was on a dieing hard drive, had put the hard into my computer because it kept crashing and needing frequent reinstalls of the OS, and the computer that it belong to didn't have the SMART uiltity..

If your hard drive is on its way out, then conntact who it came from, or connect maxtor because it might still be under warrenty...

  961 10:49 20 Jun 2006

If the drive fails whatever the age then it will be terminal. As Wee Eddie says you need your data backed up onto another disk in case the worst happens

It may be that your disk is still within the warranty period which can be 3 years in some cases

  Eric10 10:51 20 Jun 2006

You can download Maxtor's PowerMax diagnostic software from click here. Read the instructions before using it.

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