Warning: Ebay scam...

  Gaz 25 20:57 04 Jul 2004

Dear eBay Member,
During our regular update and verification of the accounts,
we couldn't verify your current information.
Either your information has changed or it is incomplete.
Please update and verify your information by signing in your account.
If your account information is not updated within 5 days,
your access will be restricted.

please go to the link below and enter the information required:
click here [links to]
*** Please Do Not Reply To This E-Mail As You Will Not Receive A Response ***
eBay Account Review Department

PS: This e-mail is fake, do not reply nor click the link.

  €dstowe 21:13 04 Jul 2004

I've been receiving similar emails in the past few days. I knew they were fake even without opening as I've never had anything at all to do with ebay or anything like it.

I had a similar thing from Paypal as well. The same applies from my point of view - never used them, never will do, especially now!


N.B you ought to ask the Editor to remove the "click here".

  Gaz 25 22:01 04 Jul 2004

Well, the click here is the offical link, just the (links to: ) shows the address that it linked to in the e-mail.

Just masked like this

<a href="http :/ /IPADDRES">http: //ebay.com</a>

  THE TERMINATOR 22:11 04 Jul 2004

Also be aware of the spoof e-mails saying they are from paypal,asking for credit card details..forward all suspected spoof e-mails to [email protected] & [email protected]

  Agent Smith 22:11 04 Jul 2004

This is a known problem within the Ebay community. Similar e-mails arrive in your inboxes allegedly from Barclay's, Lloyd's etc. The rule is NEVER open a link from within an e-mail unless you're sure who the sender is. If an e-mail asks you to update your details, then go directly to your online bank or auction account or whatever and see if you are required by them to do something about your account.
No reputable company will ask for your account details in an e-mail or in a phone conversation unless you instigate the call.

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