Warning CPU fan 0 RPM

  Sacco26 14:06 28 Dec 2014

Hi guys,

I installed a new SSD into my computer but since I installed Windows on it I've been getting a regular pop up 'Warning Fan CPU 0 RPM' at the bottom right.

Yesterday I went into the BIOS and it said my CPU fan speed was around 750 RPM. Today I checked the BIOS again and it said it was 750, then every few seconds it changes to around 950 for about a second, then it goes up to 45,000 for about a second, then back down to 750 where it stays for a while.

I've looked through the side of my case and I can see the CPU fan spinning pretty fast, and I know it's spinning faster than usual as my feet are colder than usual (I have my PC on the floor under my desk to the right of me, so can feel some of the air from the PC).

I'm not very adept with building PCs or anything, I've only changed my graphics card and fitted the SSD myself, nothing else.

I have an ASUS P8H61-M LE Micro ATX motherboard, an Intel i5 2500K Processor 3.30 GHz (no overclocking) and an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU cooler. I have several other fans around the PC but only a few of them are spinning for some reason.

Any help or advice you can provide would be much appreciated!

Thanks Dom

  wee eddie 15:26 28 Dec 2014

As you have your PC near the floor, there is a very high likelihood that it's full of dust and needs a clean-out

  bumpkin 16:18 28 Dec 2014

As wee eddie suggests, give it a good clean out and don't overlook the heatsink. Fans normally speed up with temperature rise often caused by dust clogging up the works. First thing to try anyway no cost and no harm done.

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