A warning to all using Norton Firewall...

  Gaz 25 21:16 04 Jun 2003

I have downloaded the latest update from Norton, the new version 6.0 build.

However it has caused many problems for me and others in the forum.

The following happens to your PC:

From Tezil:

I have today downloaded the new updates for Norton Firewall and guess what when I re-started my PC as instructed to it took ages to re-start. When it eventually got to the desktop the Norton Firewall wouldn't start, My PC hung and I had to restart via the restart button on the PC case. I have Norton Anti Virus installed so I don't think it's your AVG software that's causing the problems.It looks like a case of Symantec ballsing the updates again. I have had to uninstall the Firewall and have installed Zone Alarm Pro and suprise, suprise everythings O.K. so it definitely looks like Symantec's fault with the Firewall update. Funny since uninstalling Norton Firewall things seem a lot quicker.I probably will be staying with Zone Alarm Pro now.

But mine also aint shutdown.

I had the same problems as above, system restore solved most but now liveupdate is messed up and restart still occours.

I have told norton and they know about the issue.

It also conflicts with AVG, so watch out.

I hope none of you are in the same boat as me, it is bad.

Just a warning!!!


  timothywilliam 21:25 04 Jun 2003

Strangely enough after eigtheen months trouble free working my Norton 2000 anti virus would not use the Subscription service and I had to Uninstall and ReInstall. Looks OK now but have Norton got something wrong here too ? Norton Firewall seems to be continuingly blocking a Trojan Seven which is trying to get me so I am han ging on in there.

  Granger 21:33 04 Jun 2003

I'm up to date with NIS and NAV with no apparent troubles on 2 systems. Wonder what the difference is? My laptop's running very slow at startup but I thought that was connected with converting from FAT32 to NTFS.

  Willow12 21:57 04 Jun 2003

That subseven trojan message that you get with Norton is pretty standard fare. I get two or three of those a day. It is not an attack just a quirk with Norton!

  3Toed 22:12 04 Jun 2003

I too have NIS and NAV.NIS contains Personal firewall,i have no problems whatsoever-version 6.There must be some differences between the firewalls.One thing to note is if you are using a norton firewall in XP the book recommends un-checking XPs' firewall,or conflicts can arise.

  Gaz 25 22:26 04 Jun 2003

I have unchecked the XP firewall, I dont know what the trouble is, maybe something tiny.
Anyone else actually had the problem?

  Gaz 25 22:26 04 Jun 2003

Have you downloaded the latest updates?

  Granger 22:28 04 Jun 2003

One thing that sometimes causes trouble is the auto LiveUpdate. I can't even remember what the problem was, but its another service that can't conflict with anything if you stop it.

  3Toed 22:30 04 Jun 2003

Hi Gaz,Yes,i personally have downloaded all the updates.Hope you manage to 'bottom' this one out.

  Gaz 25 22:32 04 Jun 2003

I dont use auto update actually, I have it disabled.

But it only seams to happen to some. Very odd.

  Gaz 25 22:41 04 Jun 2003


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