A warning about a very close shave

  anon1 11:09 19 Mar 2004

I thought I would share this experience in the hope that it may save somebody some grief. I recently checked my bios with Award. I downloaded their own tool to identify the bios correctly. I duly sent the report to award. They sent me an email advising me that a bios upgrade was available and it included several "upgrades" one of which was support for usb 2. I decide to part with the $25 and ordered it. Imagin my horror when after following the instructions to the letter ( I printed them out) it failed but gave me the option to retry. I did this and again it failed but this time it decided that the A drive was no longer valid and refused to read from it. I was unable to use the back up (old version ) that the installer had prompted me to make. So, that was that, a very dead computer. I had 2 options now 1/. new bios chip or 2/. New motherboard. Off I went to the local computer shop no luck with a chip and the motherboard has moved on (only 6months old). I was told that he may be able to get one for Monday. Anyway to cut a long story short the owner ( I have known him for some time now) had a look round his workshop and low and behold he found an old motherboard with the same bios chip (plug in type) and it was only about 300 numbers difference in the serial numbers. Big smile now and only £10. Got it home plugged it in and Bingo pc recovered. I think the moral of this story should be maybe locate a back chip (just in case)and if it aint broken dont fix it. I had a lucky escape.

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