taffyal 16:42 16 Apr 2004

I have received 6 infected emails this week- lucky Norton AV stopped them. Am I right in thinking they are from scum trying to infect me? 1st from: 3D [email protected], Subject "Hey", 2nd, [email protected]. Subj.Invalid mail sentence length, 3rd [email protected], same subject, 4th [email protected], subj. confirmation required, 5th [email protected], Subj.well, surprise. Message was" Ive told you, sometime I grab your passwords" 6th [email protected], Subj. Hi, its me, Message, "ALL OK. see what ive found.
They all came to my Yahoo address, via OE6. Any ideas on how they got my address, how to stop them, could OE6 be at fault? Finally, any way to trace these scum, & shoot them?!!! Any one getting mail from these addresses, dont open! Cheers, Al

  hugh-265156 16:46 16 Apr 2004

delete them and forget about it.

use mailwasher click here to delete from server without downloading to your computer.

after a bit of traing it gets good at its job and you can tick auto delete blacklisted messages.this should reduce the ammount of spam you see.

  IClaudio 16:59 16 Apr 2004

just delete and forget.

Unless you work for MI6 (do you?!) there's nothing personal.

  mammak 17:04 16 Apr 2004

taffyal couldnt u at report the YAHOO.CO.UK one's regards mammak.

  bloo meeny 17:05 16 Apr 2004

Must have had over a hundred in the last week - all in Yahoo accounts.

As has been said...



  taffyal 17:11 16 Apr 2004

Seems I've no need to worry! I like to be sure. Will try Mailwasher, though Norton seems to be working OK, but if it stops any Spam--! I still think it would be good to find the sender, & show my displeasure!!!!! Cheers, Al

  johnnyrocker 17:17 16 Apr 2004

needs pointing out that they were unlikely to be deliberately taargeted at you but from an infected machine/s with your e mail address in them.


  bloo meeny 23:21 16 Apr 2004

quote: "I still think it would be good to find the sender, & show my displeasure!!!!! "

I suspect you're joking - but it can never be stressed enough, NEVER respomd to spam.

You never know where it will end !!!

click here

  taffyal 16:19 17 Apr 2004

Glad theyre not to me personally, it was a bit worrying. Would certainly not respond to them, but wish the culprits every evil thought that I can! Anyone into witchcraft?? LOL. Al

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