Warm power supply when PC is off.

  puppetmaster 22:57 04 Jun 2004

Purchased a good case from PC World and setup the whole rig. Everything fine but the rear of the case, near the power supply, is warm(ish) even when the PC is off. Not hot to touch, but warm.

Is this okay and normal?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:01 04 Jun 2004

You can fry eggs on mine....they do tend to get rather warm especially after turn off as the fans stop.


  Totally-braindead 23:03 04 Jun 2004

I would say no. When the computer is turned off there is a small amount of power still supplied to the motherboard but its so small I can't see how the power supply would be warm, perhaps someone else can comment better on this.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 23:10 04 Jun 2004

I would say this is ok - the psu still has mains current going into it even if the pc is switched off - unless the psu has a switch fitted to isolate it and this is turned off. This current will cause the transformewr to become warm.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 23:14 04 Jun 2004

An example would be a mains power supply for a radio etc - even if it is not connected to the radio the power supply will become warm.

  124UL 23:15 04 Jun 2004

I agree with Arthur Scrimshaw.

GANDALF <|:-)> , you may raise one eyebrow, I'll pop round with some bacon.lol

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:22 04 Jun 2004

Computers run fairly hot and the fans keep the temperature from roasting the board, graphics card etc. When you turn off the computer the fans stop straight away but the heat will still be inside for longer and there are no fans to cool it.


  Totally-braindead 23:22 04 Jun 2004

Looks like I stand corrected again, my power supply remains quite cool when switched off thats why I thought it a bit strange that Puppetmasters was warm. Away to have some humble pie for supper.

  hugh-265156 01:25 05 Jun 2004

i agree the case and area around the psu may be warm for a while after you have been using the computer and just shut down.

it should be cool to the touch after a few hours though.

are you saying it stays warm to the touch even after being off overnight for example? this should not be methinks.

  Djohn 01:47 05 Jun 2004

I agree with huggyg71. If my tower unit is under my desk then 400 watt PSU warms the top rear right of the case while in use but not when turned off.

If up on the desk with plenty of airspace round the tower unit then it gets warm to the touch while in use but never hot.

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