Wanting Wireless access with BT Basic Broadband...

  ecjrp1 20:54 20 Feb 2006

Hello all,

I am looking for some quality advice as i am pretty much out of my depth with this one.

My desktop connects to the Internet via BT Broadband basic package, through a BT Voyager 105 modem. I want to try and get wireless access for my laptop using this connection and need some advice on what i need to purchase to make this happen.

Advice already given is that because BT is a dial-up broadband service, the modem might have to stay in the loop.

As I said, i'm out of my depth...I can drive a car pretty well but don't really know how it works!!!

Any advice on products that will work within the confines outlined above would be very much appreciated...something easy to set-up would be nice!!

Thanks one and all!

  keewaa 21:23 20 Feb 2006

You need an adsl wireless broadband router (with built in adsl modem), use the ethernet cable that comes with it to wire in the desktop, and if the leptop is already wireless enables then you don't need anything else.

So the Belkin F5D7632Uk or Netgear DG834G is all you need. You can bin the old modem once you have this.

  ecjrp1 21:32 20 Feb 2006

Don't think the laptop is wireless enabled - pretty sure i will need a card or something.

Understand the hardwiring to desktop - thanks for that...makes it a lot easier.

Which product (card?) do you suggest for my laptop??


  keewaa 22:27 20 Feb 2006

Same make and speed as thr outer you buy, so for wireless g Belkin F5D7632uk ... F5D7010uk
or for netgear DG834G ..... WG511

  ade.h 22:32 20 Feb 2006

Choose PCMCIA (also called a PC card) in preference to a USB adapter. It's somewhat more reliable.

I'm quite surprised that your laptop is not wireless-enabled; is it quite old?

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