Wanting to connect second PC upstairs to NETGEAR

  jacobjohn7 16:07 30 Jul 2009

HI, am trying to connect my sons PC (e-machine) to the internet, via hopefully my NETGEAR wireless downstairs... any help/methods of doing so cheapest appreciated.. many thanks

  tullie 16:33 30 Jul 2009

Has it got a wireless card installed?

  jacobjohn7 18:02 30 Jul 2009

erm... dont think so, its an e-machine 270 and its a standard set up.. only thing on list that looks that way is: Realtek LAN contoller.. but im just guessing now. Assuming it doesnt have wireless card installed, would i have to install a card? or is there something i can stick in a USB...?

  T0SH 22:29 31 Jul 2009

It may be easier to invest in two ethernet over mains adaptors plug one in upstairs and connect it with an ethernet cable to your sons PC the other plugs in near you router and again connect with an ethernet cable to a free port on your router that way none of the problems you can get with a wireless connection

cheers HC

  jacobjohn7 21:33 06 Aug 2009

thanks guys,
the dongle sounds easiest, but what is the process...? buy.. connect... online? that easy?
or is there more to it?

  jacobjohn7 22:06 01 Sep 2009

i have offered by someone a speedtouch usb modem, that fits in the PCI slot on motherboard, will this be OK for my computer? and achieve the same as a USB dongle? cheers john

  Jollyjohn 09:27 02 Sep 2009

no - the speedtouch is a modem it connects your pc to a phone line.

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