Wanting to connect to far away wifi

  Mr_y_presents 21:05 29 Jun 2018

Hi! I've just moved in across the road from my aunt. She never uses her wifi and says I can use it if I can get a connection. My laptop can sometimes pick it up but it's rare. Her router is next to her front door so it's as close as it can be to me. Is there anything I can get to increase my laptops search range? Some sort of USB adapter? Can't find anything that's very clear! Thanks!

  Forum Editor 20:22 01 Jul 2018

It seems that the hot weather has got to some people, and tempers have boiled over into personal insult.

It's time to call a halt, and I'm going to lock the thread, but before I do, and for the record....

Sharing your connection with a neighbour is a contravention of your contract with your broadband provider. Quite apart from that, it's a pretty stupid thing to do - what are you going to do when he decides he'll pass on your access details to his mate over the road, and that mate passes it on to Dave at number 23?

I repeat - sharing a connection in this way is a breach of your contract, and it's daft.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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