Wanting to connect to far away wifi

  Mr_y_presents 21:05 29 Jun 2018

Hi! I've just moved in across the road from my aunt. She never uses her wifi and says I can use it if I can get a connection. My laptop can sometimes pick it up but it's rare. Her router is next to her front door so it's as close as it can be to me. Is there anything I can get to increase my laptops search range? Some sort of USB adapter? Can't find anything that's very clear! Thanks!

  KEITH 1955 13:59 30 Jun 2018

Try this , delete her details then put the laptop as close as possible to your aunts router , this will lock it with the strongest possible signal. Now go back home and try again. Who is your isp , I am with bt , if you can register your home as a wi fi hot spot you will legally be able to use other peoples set ups that have also got themselves registered as a hot spot. That's the trade off , you use theres and somebody else uses yours. You might even find a stronger signal than your aunts.

  lotvic 20:09 30 Jun 2018

MJS WARLORD, BT hotspot, that's not very secure WiFi. Also the first part of your post sounds a bit dubious and muddled. If he had his own ISP there would be no need to use his aunt's Wifi.

  lotvic 23:00 30 Jun 2018

Mrypresents, doesn't look as if there is a solution for you as aunt's Wifi signal from her router is not strong enough to reach to opposite side of road.

  lotvic 23:52 30 Jun 2018

rdave13, thanks, can I PM you?

  lotvic 00:32 01 Jul 2018

Seems MJS WARLORD 13:59 30 Jun 2018 post has similarities with 'Sunday Drivers'

mrcalif, if you read that post and rdave13's reply to it, it will then make sense that it is against (any) ISP's t&c's to delete the paying premises details and take the Wifi over with your own on a different premises and then turn it into a Hotspot.

For the life of me I don't know to interpret your post mrcalif 20:58 30 Jun 2018

It can be done, however its not a simple and cheap process. I had the same problem getting my Internet connection to reach my outhouse approximately 65 mtrs away. No way was I going to dig up the ground to run a cable.

then you give no further explanation... and the misunderstandings gather momentum

    I don't know whether to laugh or cringe
  lotvic 01:09 01 Jul 2018

Behave mrcalif, calm down, go back to page one, and read the first three responses.

And by the by, I'm curious, how did you manage to get WiFi to your rented outhouse 65 metres away on someone else's property?

  lotvic 02:05 01 Jul 2018


  lotvic 02:24 01 Jul 2018

rdave, it's an Orkan profanity (mork and mindy)

  lotvic 02:47 01 Jul 2018

I feel cheated - I never got to read Pine Man's posts

  Pine Man 13:01 01 Jul 2018

1.My last post doesn't make sense anymore as Pine Man's posts have been deleted.

2.I feel cheated - I never got to read Pine Man's posts.

3.you didn't address to Pine Mans post.

Hi guys. I just copied and pasted the above from this thread, which was started at 21.05hrs on 29th June and refers to posts I have made that have been deleted. I am thoroughly confused.

My computer was turned off at about 19.00hrs on the 29th June and switched on again about an hour ago. I was out all day yesterday and yet appear to have been active on this thread.

Whats going on???

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