Wanted, a template for a petition

  dangerus1 20:11 07 Aug 2014

I want to draw up a petition to the local council about the state of the local roads, I have been in touch with my local Councillor who has raised it in committee to no avail. He told me a petition with as many names as possible might help. I don't know my way round Office 2010 and I was wondering if there was an template online that I could download. Perhaps someone on the Forum could advise me how I could do it in Office.

Sorry if I have been a bit long winded.

  csqwared 20:28 07 Aug 2014

Try this

Sample petition

  dangerus1 20:44 07 Aug 2014

cs that's just the kind of thing that I need, but I don't know how to format the columns below the petition for the names and addresses, I only need the two columns.

  csqwared 20:59 07 Aug 2014

Possible suggestion would be:- start a new page and write your petition statement at the top. Press 'SHIFT' key a couple of times to move cursor down then in the toolbar at the top go to Insert/Table. In the box that drops down ignore all the little boxes at the top and go to 'Insert Table' (first item underneath 'boxes'. In the window which opens set 'Columns' as 2 and 'Rows' for about 40.

For further pages just create a new page, insert table as before and just print as many as you need.

  dangerus1 22:12 07 Aug 2014

Thanks cs, did just as you said and it was OK. Just had to fiddle a bit as the rows were a bit thin for peoples signatures to go in, but is exactly what I wanted. Thanks for your help.

  spuds 01:28 08 Aug 2014

Not a direct answer to your request,but perhaps something worth considering?.

My local council takes very little notice of petitions or protests, so you might find that any hard work you do will be a waste of time.

Potholes or poor road surfaces are a country-wide problem, but if the roads are that bad, and vehicle users make enough claims for damage, then the council may act that little bit quicker.

What I would suggest is that you get in touch with your local newspaper, and see if they can help. Your local MP might be another person to contact for help and advice. That's if you haven't already gone those route?.

  dangerus1 20:38 08 Aug 2014

Spuds, I have been mailing my local councillor for quite a while and he has done his best as he did, when I wanted dropped curbs round the village. It was he that suggested a petition and gave me the names and email addresses to send it to. I shall give this a shot, after that the local rag. My local MP's are useless,only good for posing in the local paper with some sick little kiddy. (Or buying multiple cameras on expenses for trips abroad,there's a clue)

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