Wanted! mother board driver

  berlingo 08:33 29 May 2003

I have recently purchased a second hand computer, On installing windows 2000 I found that there is a driver for the mother board that is incompatible. The driver is for a PCI simple communications controller. I have had a look at the mother board and cannot see any labels so i dont know what type it is. I know that this is a long shot but would appreciate any drivers available so that I can try them as I cannot network the computer without this pci slot.

Very many thanks

  jimv7 08:38 29 May 2003

Which mobo?
Try downloading AIDA32 from click here

Running this programe should give you the mobo information and possibly a link to the manufacturers site.

  jimv7 08:41 29 May 2003

sorry wrong link try this 1

click here

  DieSse 11:15 29 May 2003

Do you need a driver for the motherboard, or an add-in card?

You say you can't network without a "PCI slot" - is this a plug-in LAN card, or is the LAN port on the motherboard.

Simple PCI Communications Controller is commonly a modem - is this what you mean - if so what type of modem s it?

  DieSse 13:28 29 May 2003

By email

"I am trying to operate with a pci plug in network card. There is only one pci slot on the mother board and it is not working because the driver for this slot is missing. It is a motherboard driver that i am looking for. My modem is external on a serial port. I hope this helps to explain and many thanks for your help."

You don't need, nor can you get, a driver for a PCI slot - there is no such thing.

What you need is a driver for the network card. In order to get the correct driver, you will need to know what network card it is. can you get that information, either off the card itself, or by identifyng the main chip on the card, or from the AIDA download shown earlier.

  DieSse 10:22 30 May 2003

By email - please use the forum so that all may see and contribute.

"Just to recap on the chain of events, I bought the computer and initially it had an internal modem fitted to the pci slot and it worked. I then upgraded to windows 2000. I then got an error message saying that the driver was missing from the PCI simple communications controller. Also the modem did not work any more. I removed the modem from the pci slot and put in a brand new network card and installed the driver. The network card does not attempt to communicate at all. This pci slot was working before i upgraded to win 2000 and before i got the error message saying that there was no driver for the pci simple communications controller. So i suspect that i need this driver to make the slot work.
What do you think."

What I think is encapsulated in my answer above. there is no such thing as a driver for a PCI slot.

What "fails to communicate with what?" - you will need to set up your network in order to talk to another computer on it - or are you trying to do something else altogether?.

To set up a network, try reading here click here

  berlingo 12:07 30 May 2003

I have tried to network with another computer but the network card is not working as the led does not flash to show that it is trying to communicate

  DieSse 12:51 30 May 2003

Is it shown as installed correctly in Device Manager?

If the cable is faulty, or the wrong type, then the light does not usually do anything - it's not necessarily a sign of a faulty card.

If this is one computer directly to another, are you using the correct crossover cable?

  tell 01:16 31 May 2003

What chipset has your mobo got, if you know this you can then d/load the drivers from the net

  berlingo 11:33 31 May 2003

I have had a quick look at the mother board but cannot see any labels etc on it. Is there any other way that I can find out this information.
Many thanks

  Rayuk 13:17 31 May 2003

Have you not tried using Aida32 as per 2nd posting.
Have a look to see if there are any printed numbers letters around the pci slot.

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