Wanted - guidance on free AV installations please

  flaming 17:20 16 Jan 2017

After years of paying for AVG anti virus I tried the free one but it is only a trial for a month. Being short of money I shall soon be looking for another free installation. What do techies recommend please? I recall reading some years ago that PC buffs seldom paid for anti virus installations - have those days gone? The trouble is that I am not savvy re new software installations. I used to click on AVG renewal and that was it! Also am I the only one thinking that AV installations are much dearer now? Is there a good reason for this? I was offered 20% reduction on the paid renewal. Is that good?

I have only the one personal use home laptop device to cater for. Thanks in advance for any comments/guidance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:36 16 Jan 2017

Which one are you trialing?

Used to use AVG but it got overbloated.

If you bank with Barclays you can download Kaspersky free form your banks web site

Avast is considered as one of the best free ones for stopping viruses and malware, although it now has a impact on system resources and does "nag" you to upgrade. I used it for years now without a problem.

Avira is also considered to be good.

DO not rely on windows defender as it is poor for stopping viruses (viri?)

  Secret-Squirrel 17:36 16 Jan 2017

.................. I tried the free one but it is only a trial for a month.

AVG Free is free forever. If you inadvertently selected the thirty-day trial of the paid-for version then you can always "downgrade" to the free one.

AVG is still a an effective and reliable performer.

  difarn 17:42 16 Jan 2017

I thought AVG still offered a basic free antivirus and that the tria version was for the full package.

click here well thought of free packages are Avast Free click here free click here free click here of these are basic protection. I have used Panda, AVG and Avira without any problems.

Be aware when you install one of them that they will try to offer a package of extras. Read each screen carefully as they try to install browsers etc. Quite often they will be installed by default if you do not uncheck the boxes.

Other Avira Panda All

  difarn 17:43 16 Jan 2017

Sorry Secret Squirrel and Fruit Bat - we must all have been posting at the same time so there are duplicated suggestions.

In my haste I did not check my posting

The "click here" are for AVG, Avast, Avira and Panda.

  flaming 18:20 16 Jan 2017

Apologies to all posters - I should have said I want a firewall too. I think everyone agrees that is a vital part of AV so I am hoping to find a freebie with firewall if such a thing exists.

I think the free AVG installation is without a firewall.

Fruitbat - I would not rely on Windows Defender.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 16 Jan 2017

There is a firewall in your router and windows firewall is perfectly good enough.

  flaming 18:32 16 Jan 2017

I forgot to say - I read some while ago that AVG and Avast were merging.

  Burn-it 00:17 17 Jan 2017

I use Avast free and I don't see any NAGS

  flaming 04:43 17 Jan 2017

Fruit Bat - Thanks, that's a comfort, re the Windows firewall being adequate. I take it that the Thomson broadband connection thingy (between my PC and the phone socket) is a router.

Thanks too, Secret-Squirrel, difarn and Burn-it. I see I have a choice of freebies for basic AV protection, used with the Win firewall.

I'll let the AVG free sample of the paid installation run the remainder of the month then swap to the totally free version. (In days of yore the free AVG version included a firewall!))

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