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  immer 17:47 25 Nov 2011

I am sick of inkjet printers that are not up to the job. I got an HP offoicejet 7000A wide format which seemed ok till I started to use a good amout of printing. The refills with cheaper ink were ok for a bit but after 18 months the thing has died & they say it will be as much as the cost of the printer to fix it. OK it was only £200 but it died in the middle of an important print run so I nipped out & got the smaller HP deskjet3050 to get the job finished. Again the ink doesn't last much of a print run & the combind colour cartridges are quite unsuitable for anything but a short balanced printrun. So I'm cured. I will have to spend more for a printer & it looks like time for a lazer. Please can you tell me what will be man enough to keep going for a reasonable amount of time without inky fingers and time wasting fiddling with the ~**! thing.

  Diemmess 18:24 25 Nov 2011

I have an HP P2055d,(Mono and Duplex) in fact I was astonished to find I bought it 4 1/2 yrs ago.

Not much current advice to offer, that printer is of course no longer made but has been superb for my needs. Fast, duplex printing when needed and easy on toner. It was on offer from HP and it cost £159 inc VAT and delivery.


You want colour? I guess you are going into the region of £500 for a reasonable colour laser. Also how much is colour important to you?

If vital for best photographs then back to inkjets. Professional printers use industrial size inkjets with a shedful of different inks for best colour, though for ordinary purposes like posters and letter heads a "cheap laser" will do.

  immer 18:49 25 Nov 2011

What about running costs & relyability......?

  Diemmess 19:35 25 Nov 2011

I can only speak from experience of a now obsolete printer. This one is quick about 30 pages per minute plus the ability to print both sides of the same sheet before moving on.

Speed drops sharply if elaborate graphics are included. More memory would stop this but the RAM is special and costs around £50! Not for me!

Utterly reliable particularly with paper transfer. Jams can occur but very seldom and have to be provoked with damaged paper. Usually easily cleared. Very different with a cheap Epson that preceded it. That was not very good at taking one sheet at is time. It wrecked the chance of a print run of say 30 sheets when it would easily spoil or miss sheets at random.

I have no idea of how many sheets per charge of toner. As a guess I would say, the first cartridge lasted at least three years and saw off about 1500 heavily covered paper. Refilled from a separate pack last winter.

I only became involved because no one has yet given you an appraisal of a printer which is still in production, and I like to think some of my comments may be useful in what to look for.

  Fingees 19:20 26 Nov 2011

I purchased a Kodak Hero 5.2 printer a few weeks ago. It's the best Ive ever had.

Ink is cheap, and their help is second to none.

I reccomend it to anyone.

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