Wanted a good computer DVD playback program!.

  spuds 11:43 01 Aug 2012

For some reason I cannot seem to playback DVD's on my computer. Having been recommended that I use VLC, I find for some reason that this program causes problems with the computer, and VLC as to be uninstalled.

The computer is using XP Home.

Any suggestions for a reliable download would be appreciated. I have used previously Cyberlink Power DVD 6, and if I am able to find the installation disk, I may give this an attempt. I believe it worked in the past?.

  rdave13 11:48 01 Aug 2012

Try this decoder for WMP XP. LINK

  robin_x 12:19 01 Aug 2012

5 suggestions here.

I seem to remember GOM was often recommended before everyone started using VLC.

  spuds 13:39 01 Aug 2012

Thanks guys for the links, some interesting stuff.

rdave13.Just downloaded from the Koiskea link, and see if that resolves the problem.

robinofloxley. Read some of the various pros and cons, and will look further into the downloads if rdave13 method fails.

Thanks again, will tick as resolved, but anyone wanting to add, please do.

  rdave13 08:25 02 Aug 2012

spuds, How's the back-lit keyboard doing?

  Terry Brown 09:43 02 Aug 2012

I use a program called Power DVD, which I bought a few years back (i forget the cost- but it wasn't that expensive.

I see there is a free version now, whether or not is is as good I do not know, but this is the link.



  spuds 13:56 02 Aug 2012


I purchased the Xenta SK-86EL from Ebuyer because it was offering a number of 'extras' like dimmer and full lighting, plus reviews appeared good. It looks the job, very neat and nice. Problem is, I haven't got around to fit and test yet!.

Terry Brown.

I have found my previous copy of PowerDVD 6, and seeing your link have downloaded a copy of PowerDVD 12. I think that trying to download you have to take a little care, because it seems to want to install a number of additions, that might want un-ticking or further understanding. I had to download the program twice, because the first install wouldn't show or activate properly.

Having attempted the second download, it completed, but I now get 3 messages stating that my system is not capable of using PowerDVD 12. (1) VGA card needs update (2) Not enough VRAM on VGA card (3) Remote Desktop under Windows XP is not allowed. So I will try my original PowerDVD 6 and see what happens?.

(At present, its all trial and experiment, time permitting).

  spuds 14:11 02 Aug 2012


I forgot to mention that possible delays in fitting the keyboard, is partly due to a KVM switching arrangement that I use, so it might not be a simple job of 'just plugging in'. I have had to obtain some adapters, whether this will work through the KVM as I wish, not sure?.

  Terry Brown 15:34 02 Aug 2012

Spuds The version of Power DVD that I have is 5, if you have 6 that that should be OK for watching VIdeo's (Forward & Reverse on speeds of up to 32x either way.

While the latest versions may offer some extra's, as a straight DVD player (or files from your harddrive), it takes a lot of beating.


  eedcam 09:26 03 Aug 2012

You mught try this its free for today only though i'd say its your pc thats the problem especially if it has trouble with VLC which is practically bombproof DVD FAB Player

  spuds 16:12 03 Aug 2012


Thanks for that, as you say, its probably my computer the problem. A reformat is about due?.

Looking at the program mentioned, it would seem that some XP users had problems, so I think, possibly best to leave it alone this time.


Would mention after removing PowerDVD 12 with Revo, it upset the computer, and I have had to re-install a couple of previous programs,to get some things working again. So likely a reformat, when time permits.

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