Wanted - First hand experience of......

  Chas49 13:59 05 Jul 2008

A printer which is both efficient in printing photos but can also print on a CD/DVD, is economic with inks - my last inkjet printer just guzzled expensive inks and was rapidly drinking me out of house and home!

  Taff™ 14:39 05 Jul 2008

Canon Pixma IP4500 - Individual inks and meets your requirements. I use compatibles which work out at about £25 a complete set. click here

  Chas49 15:03 05 Jul 2008

Many thanks Taff

  Taff™ 07:01 06 Jul 2008

Cartridges click here I recommend the Think+ and moving the chips is relatively easy but you can see the options for other compatibles and originals as well. Whichever printer you choose I would always recommend finding out how much the cartridges are.

You can see that a set of originals is almost as much as the printer itself but this is the case with most manufacturers. The other plus point with these Canons is you can visually see how much ink is left. You can`t with an Epson.

  Chas49 07:24 06 Jul 2008

Thanks Taff -very kind of you. I have downloaded the PDF explaining the cartridge procedures.

Any problems with paper used in this printer?

Approximately how many prints on a set of cartridges - I presume that this would be difficult to answer for it depends on so many variables. Nevertheless a rough idea would be most appreciated.

  Taff™ 10:06 06 Jul 2008

I actually use the IP4000 but several of my friends have this later model as well. I regularly print onto 160/220gsm Card as well as photo paper and the usual 80/100gsm copier paper. No problems other than some of the glossy photo paper needs to be "Fanned" before loading because they stick together sometimes.

Really couldn`t tell you how many prints I get off it because I use it solely for colour work - I have a laser for mono printing. I would estimate that this year I`ve only replaced one set of 3 colour cartridges and maybe 2 of the standard Black and one pigment black. One mate of mine who bought one new back in October last year has just ordered a set because one of his colours has just started to run out. He uses it for general purpose stuff and I wouldn`t imagine on a daily basis anyway.

  UncleP 10:23 06 Jul 2008

If you only use the printer intermittently and for short runs, a surprising proportion of the ink is lost in the start-up and head cleaning operations. So it's worth combining jobs whenever possible, and not switching the printer off in between.

I have a Canon Pixma 4000; a local shop runs a cartridge re-filling service (with Canon ink) at about half the price of new cartidges. I've had no problems with this, and feel the ink quality is more consistent than the compatibles I've tried.

I think the PCA printer reviews give comparative figures for ink usage under standard conditions - they are a better guide than the manufacturer's values, which tend to be optimistic.

  spuds 12:13 06 Jul 2008

How about an Epson with a CISS fitted. I have two Epsons (R220/R300)complete with CISS, that will do the type of work you require. These models are still readily available on eBay at a price. But newer models should now be available.

If you fit a waste tank disposal, then this will stop most 'service required' messages.

  Chas49 13:16 06 Jul 2008

Taff: I too have a laser (Brother HL 1230 -now over 6 years old) and wish to have a good inkjet for Photos and CD printing. This is an amazing printer and has given very good service over the years and i still doing so. Your answer regarding is reassuring (the reason for my misgivings is quite simple - some years ago I had an Epson 680 ( I think that was the model) and it used ink at an alarming pace!)

UncleP: Good advice.

spuds: I'll have a look at them - especially with the CISS system which, I assume, is ink in seperate external tanks and connected to the printer in some way?

Thanks for your input - very helpful indeed.

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