Wanted: Dab+ stereo mains radio with buttons

  Bill Brooks 18:14 30 Aug 2018

Help please. Looking for a Dab+ stereo mains radio with buttons for pre-set, preferably with USB input, under £100

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 30 Aug 2018
  Bill Brooks 18:53 30 Aug 2018

Thanks, rdave13, but the main requirement is for BUTTONS. I have trawled the net looking at c.100 devices and none seem to have, say 6 buttons that can be programmed for presets. This used to be true of FM radios, but not DAB!

  Bill Brooks 19:14 30 Aug 2018

half a dozen will do

  csqwared 20:02 01 Sep 2018

You could have a look at this. A bit above your price but five preset buttons. (from RNIB website)

DAB Radio

  Bill Brooks 20:23 01 Sep 2018

Thank you all. Bought click here

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