Wanted CD recorder

  [DELETED] 17:14 11 Aug 2005

Not so much as a computer problem but I am on the look out for a CD recorder to transfer all my LP collection onto CD.
Unfortunately it's not possible to get my PC and HI FI system together, so it will have to be a stand alone. If anyone can make any suggestions as to what I should go for, I would be greatful.
I have been looking at a Phillips 930, but I don't know much about this product??

  [DELETED] 17:27 11 Aug 2005

I had the same problem as you. My HiFi system is 26ft away from my PC. What I do is record all my LPs on to cassette. I then use my portable cassette player (which is permanently connected to my PC) to transfer them to CD.

I use LPRecorder from click here
to record it as one long .wav file and then use LPRipper (from the same company) to split it back to separate tracks.

You could also use JetAudio (which is a free download) to record them to your hard drive, although each track has to be recorded separately.

Jetaudio from click here

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Jetaudio 6 Basic Download.

  [DELETED] 08:09 12 Aug 2005


Thanks a lot for the tips, tell me, do you connect your tape player via the headphone output into the PC line in connection, or has your tape player got a dedicated line out slot. Can you also listen to the tape being played through the PC speakers with this set up? I've never tried this, that's why I ask.
I like the idea of LP recorder/Ripper, but as this is just a one off job (although I have about 50-60 LP's to transfer), 60 euros seems a lot of money for the software.

  [DELETED] 08:47 12 Aug 2005

If you have output for your tape and record deck via an Amplifier use that straight into your PC using suitable ext cable.

I got a preamp unit from Maplins for £25 and connected my deck via this straight into the my PC in skt.You can play tracks and hear them and also record using Windows Media Player.

To edit, take out hiss, scrathes etc., you need software. I use Steinberg but Magix is another although I have't tried this.Try Ebay.

Philips 930 is a DVD Code for use with a DVD Player around £20 to download.

I thought Philips 930 was a DVD Code? for use with a DVD Player

  Stuartli 09:21 12 Aug 2005

Nero Wave could prove the answer if Nero burning software is used.

Another method is to use a hi-fi VHS recoder (my 12-year-old Mitsubishi Nicam stereo M58 can be used for up to 18 hours' audio recording) and transfer the signals or perhaps, for more simplicity, an audio-only CD recorder.

  [DELETED] 10:06 12 Aug 2005

I would love to connect my HI FI unit to the PC, however they are seperated by about 20 metres one in one room and the PC in another. Moving the HI FI would not be desirable as it takes ages to set up, and anyway there is not enough room next to the PC in my tiny office.

I think that the idea of recording to tape first via my Akai tape deck and then somehow transferring this over to the hard drive on my PC is the most suitable solution.

What I would like to know is: is it possible to listen to the tracks through my PCs loud speakers (via the line in imput), when I play the tape via my Akai or a Walkman for editing purposes, without either going through an amp.

  buckeye 10:16 12 Aug 2005

Magix audio cleaning lab is the best for getting your vinyl recorded, cleaned up,and transferred to either WAV orMp3.I personally have cleaned up scores of scratchy binworthy L.P.s and now listen to them on Mp3.

  [DELETED] 10:37 12 Aug 2005

Yes you can listen to the sound from external source using Line In.

I think you have to consider the quality options.

1. Recording from LP to Tape then to PC, will result in a quality loss. Unless of course you have a good hi fi system and use quality tapes.

I have used the method and it does however produce satisfying results.

2. Preamp to PC produces very good results. Audacity is a freeware program that can be used for this purpose.

3. Standalone CD Recorder. Currys sell such units, limited range, but the results are good.

  [DELETED] 10:59 12 Aug 2005

My "portable" unit is, in fact a JVC stereo radio, twin cassette (1 record and 1 playback) and CD player combined, with good HiFi quality.

Yes, I connect via the headphone output to the line in on the sound card. Yes, you can listen on your computer speakers. When I plug the cable into the headphone socket it cuts the players speakers off anyway.

I haven't noticed much (if any) loss in quality from LP to cassette to CD. I have also been transferring a lot of old reel to reel tapes and will soon start on my cassette collection. So, for me the outlay for LPrecorder/rippes is justified.

  [DELETED] 11:24 12 Aug 2005

Thank you all for the replies. It looks like I now have to buy a good Walkman, as my Akai tape deck although one of the best, is a real heavyweight.

Sound quality is not an issue, it is more of a safeguard for for my Records some of which are very rare and irreplaceable.

Then of course there is the software, I think I will go with the LPRecorder/Ripper as I also have quite a number of tapes to transfer as well as the Vinal, and my vinal collection is growing day by day.
Oh well! more delving into the bank balance :-(

  [DELETED] 13:04 12 Aug 2005

one other option is to get a long lead to conect the Line out to the line in probably cheaper than getting walkman

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