Want to view Dvd's on my TV!

  oo7juk 14:45 27 Jul 2003

Hi, at the moment I don't have a dvd player so any dvd's that I have I watch them on my Tft monitor. Have all the correct leads to watch them on my tv but when I connect the cables up I can only switch between either the tv or my tft. My PC is located in another room so it's quite difficult trying to move the mouse about without knowing where ur going. Is there a problem that will enable me to view both images at the same time, that will mean I can see what i'm doing.
Tried Dl knew drivers but no luck.

Many thanks to all who reply.


  oo7juk 18:00 27 Jul 2003

yeah I know that, but I'm waiting for the recordable ones to come down in price first. Want to be able to view my Divx etc on my TV.


  oo7juk 19:57 27 Jul 2003

Pops, thanks for that, yeah I know I won't get one that cheap, going to wait till December and pick one up for £300.Do you know if there is any DVD players that play SVCD's DVD rips etc.

Cheers m8.


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