want to use xp but cant do the internet settings

  Ray5776 22:23 25 Feb 2006

I have been using Win2000pro for a few years now but
thought time to move on and use XP. I cannot get a connection to the net using XP get a message "(""speedtouch Connection"")
Could not create an entry

Any ideas, all I want is an internet connection on XP why does this have to be so difficult?
I can use 2000 and no probs hence the posting.
I cant post using XP_


  Jackcoms 22:26 25 Feb 2006

"on XP why does this have to be so difficult?"

It's no more or less difficult than any other OS.

Have you got a CD as provided by your ISP?

If so, use it.

  Stuartli 22:34 25 Feb 2006

Windows XP has nothing to do with configuring Internet Explorer or whatever browser you happen to use...:-)

  johnnyrocker 23:47 25 Feb 2006

i take it you have not recreated the connection settings in xp that you have on 2000? just re-configure xp for connection as you have in 2000


  Kev.Ifty 23:56 25 Feb 2006

You probably have to 'retrieve' your account.

Get a Cd for your ISP and use that to configure your internet connection.

You should be guided by the Cd's on screen menu. If you have a problem... get back.

Sorry if barking up wrong tree. :-)

Cheers Kev.

  Ray5776 13:25 26 Feb 2006

I have the CD which i have used to instal the software and modem on XP O/S.
I am using it now on win2000 so not ISP or modem.
When I try to set this up using XP, modem lights indicate connection OK and I have an icon on the screen, when I click the icon I get the "could not create an entry" message.
If I follow the path to set up connection manually when I get to entering password it shows as bold vertical lines (maybe supposed to?) I then click connect and nothing happens at all.

I have also tried using the wizard which tells me it is already set up and click on connection and repair
options. Fine but I cant click on something that is not there.

Someone has suggested this is a registry thing and posted a link to repair it but I cant download it without net access unless i can do it via W2000 but getting out of my depth here, dont want to cause more problems.

I dont think there can be much wrong but I dont know the solution.


  ulrich 13:31 26 Feb 2006

When I have messed around, I seem to be able to do everything but get the internet up and running, up to now it has been a letter ordot out of place, but I resorted to phoning the ISP help line, last week I spoke to Honey who was very helpful.

  Ray5776 13:36 26 Feb 2006

what did she say then, would you like to share this knowledge.

  Ray5776 15:42 26 Feb 2006


  Ray5776 18:38 26 Feb 2006


  skidzy 18:48 26 Feb 2006

Are you by any chance with Wanadoo ?

Ray this sounds to me if its already set up,have you switched from dial up to broadband ?

Click > start > Control Panel > Network and internet connections > Network Connections

Post back with the connections availible on your screen.

If you have switched to broadband,there is a likely chance that your user name with your provider has slightly changed.This is what happened to me.

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